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Videos are a central part of any current marketing and ladder plan. Research has shown that almost 60% of internet users tend to watch a video while reading text. In addition, video was responsible for more than 80% of all web traffic in 2019. It is then clear that the impact of video on consumers worldwide is high, and for a growing business, video can play an important role in engaging audiences.

Types of Marketing Videos

Thanks to advanced technology, video production is much easier than before. You can share simple and real content at an affordable cost. Before creating your videos, it is important to know what type of video to create based on the type of business you run.

Demonstration videos show how one or more of your products work. In your video, you can hold up an item and talk about why a consumer should buy it. A brand video is used to raise awareness of your company and share your mission, values ​​and services. If you are hosting a conference or workshop, you should create an event video to showcase the highlights of the event.

You can also create educational videos to educate your audience about your company or product. You can create interview videos that involve using an expert in your industry to speak to your audience. An animated video is a good choice when you want to clearly explain difficult concepts. For high engagement, consider creating a live video giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look.

Getting started in video marketing to grow your business

Creating a video requires a plan because there are many components involved. You need to make sure you have a recording device with good audio and picture quality. Make sure you have the props that will be included in your video and a clear view of what the video will be showing. Here are some other tips to aid you in your video marketing endeavors:

  • Focus on sharing your brand’s story: All videos share a story, and it’s important to make that story persuasive. Don’t just think about selling your products, remember that this is an opportunity for you to connect emotionally with future consumers. Create your video script based on the narration you want to share with others. Think about what you want your customers to do after watching the video and communicate this clearly.
  • Consistently engage with your viewers: Reaching a million followers on social media overnight is impossible. You need to work consistently on building your brand as it takes time to build followers. If possible, first prepare at least ten videos and gradually share them with your target audience. Create a video posting schedule that doesn’t leave too much time between each video.
  • Customize your video content: If you plan to create multiple types of videos, make sure your content is tailored for the audience who will be viewing your content. For example, an educational video for children is different from a sales video for adults. Since videos are a popular means of communication, make sure your content is interactive and engaging for every type of audience.
  • Choose an appropriate video publishing platform: When you’re done creating your video, upload it to a platform that is guaranteed to get maximum viewers. Live videos can be recorded on Facebook and Instagram. To make them more accessible, YouTube would be an ideal choice. Over five billion YouTube videos are viewed daily, and it’s easy to upload your videos and optimize for search.
  • Be creative: Regardless of the type of videos you create, creativity can have a huge impact on viewership. Experiment with different shots, use different cameras, and hire talented actors for your videos. When you finish creating your video, make sure to share it on multiple social channels.

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