Google Advertisements provides video experiments to check advertising approaches

The times have changed. We have shifted the focus to marketing video content. So the search giant added video experiments to Google Ads. This allows brands to try different approaches. And they can improve their video marketing strategies.

“Since we know the huge impact creative people have on sales growth, we will be launching video experiments in Google Ads around the world over the next few weeks. These experiments are easy to set up and provide quick results that you can act on. Whether you want to understand the impact of different video ads on brand lift, conversions, or CPAs, you can also make more informed decisions that will improve your results on YouTube, ”says Google.

The Video Experiments option appears on the Drafts & Experiments tab of your Google Ads dashboard.

You can create new video experiments to find out which video ads are more effective on YouTube.

“With a video experiment, you can test different video ads with the same audience and then use the results of the experiment to determine which ad will resonate with your audience,” adds Google.

The results will be shown in your Google Ads dashboard.

The test results help brands optimize their advertising spend and get better results.

“In global studies we conducted in 2019 and 2020, advertisers who successfully used video experiments to optimize lower funnel performance on YouTube found a 30% lower median cost per acquisition due to the higher performing motif. And those who used video experiments to optimize the impact on the top funnel saw a 60% higher ad recall from the higher performing subject, ”explains Google.


Google gave three examples of possible experiments:

  1. Oversized text. Does enlarging text elements (including logos) increase brand awareness?
  2. Tighten the frame. Will zooming in on important topics, be they people or products, lead to greater consideration?
  3. Make it easy to buy. Does the call to action result in more conversions at the beginning of the video than it does at the end?

The key is to limit the variables to get a good grasp of the effects of any change. Whenever you do an experiment, try to change one thing at a time.

The new video ad experiments will be rolled out to Google Ads Manager shortly. While waiting, read how to set up video ad experiments.

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