Google launched a brand new anti-spam algorithm yesterday

Have you dreamed of updating the Google algorithm after months of famine? OK, Google is screwing you right now. After the start of Core Update and Page Experience / Core Web Vitals, there is an update of the anti-spam algorithm that was started (and completed) yesterday …

At the beginning of June, we said to ourselves that it was surprising that Google hadn’t launched a new large or specific algorithm in more than 6 months. Well, it has held up well since then, with doubling the main update in June and continuing in July and the Page Experience / Core Web Vitals update in mid-June as planned. And here we learn that yesterday, Wednesday, June 23, an algorithm against spam was started. This “spam update” should be completed no later than 24 hours after its start and it will not take days for it to gain worldwide acceptance, as is sometimes the case. Another similar algorithm update is also planned in a few weeks and will be announced on Twitter at the start.

In short, if your status has changed significantly since yesterday, it is because there is a high probability that Google will consider you a spammer. I’m not sure if this is great news … but of course we don’t really know what’s in this algorithm and the term “spam” at Google is generally pretty broad (spamdexing, phishing, hacking, malware, etc.) and therefore not just targeting black hat SEO techniques. There is also a good chance that this new arrogance will make the latter a minority.

As part of our regular work to improve the results, we have released a spam update for our system. You can learn more about our efforts to fight spam in this post:

And this video below:

– Google Search Liaison (@searchliaison) June 23, 2021

Danny Sullivan’s tweet announces a new anti-spam algorithm. Image source: Twitter.

Video explaining Google’s approach to spam. Image source: Youtube.

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