Google search engine marketing Finest Practices for Deal Pages

Alan Kent of the Google Search Relations team posted some new best practices on the Google blog for creating deal pages that work well in Google search. While the advice and tips are not necessarily new, Google recommends that the company recommend the following best practices now.

Here is a list of these best practices:

(1) Create a separate page for each promotional event. According to Google, the company encourages you to create landing pages for all special promotional events, not just Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

(2) Google said you should include the event description in the page title. The page title is often incorporated into the text displayed in the deal carousel.

(3) Also, make sure to include a sales-relevant image. That image should be a “prominent image that helps buyers understand your offering,” Google wrote. For example, display products on sale or insert banner texts that highlight special offers or discounts. While Google generally discourages banner text in images, text in images can be helpful on deal pages. Any text in an image should be reflected in the text content of the page and in a corresponding alt text attribute. To minimize cropping on the deal carousel, Google recommends that the aspect ratio of the image be in the range of 4: 3 to 3: 4.

(4) Make sure that text describing the event is included in the page content. This can help Google correctly identify the page as relevant to a particular sale.

(5) For deal pages where you reveal sales details on the day of the event that cannot provide much content before the event. Google said it had general information about the event upfront so that Google could see that the page was relevant and then ask Google to crawl your page again after updating to increase the likelihood that your updated content would index in time become.

(6) On the Merchant Center page, Google has indicated that you may also want to register your promotions in the Google Merchant Center in order to display your offers on more surfaces on Google.

Remember, Google released Black Friday best practices in October. Ironically, one of the pieces of advice was to use the request indexing tool, which happened to be unavailable long before Black Friday and throughout Black Friday.

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