Google’s John Mueller says “Now could be a Excellent Time” for the search engine marketing Facet Hustle

Google’s John Mueller says the launch of the Page Experience Update will create opportunities for SEO professionals. It will be more profitable for the SEO sideline that will provide them with a level up ability.

In response to Reddit, Mueller explains that this is the perfect time to level up and that it is paid appropriately for it. Mueller refers to developing one’s own skills to meet the demand for SEO talent. It is created with the Page Experience Update. Website owners around the world will soon find that they need to optimize their website to meet Core Web VItals. It will take place with the other factors. These factors will also flow into Google’s rating for the good site experience.

A user commented on the Reddit thread about yesterday’s announcement of the Page Experience update. This update will also be released in mid-June. The comment wants to know how effective the effort is. At the end of the comment it says they are thinking of flipping the experience. The experience is related to the ones they gained from the SEO sideline.

Mueller chose to reply to her comment. He said that the sideline was more dedicated to optimizing the page experience update. It has the potential to make a lot of money. Mueller also points out that there is a distinct difference between optimizing and implementing the SEO improvements. While you optimize the site experience, the tools can be used to check the progress. On the other hand, the results of the other SEO improvements are very uncertain.

With that in mind, there’s an even bigger incentive a website can get for the Page Experience Update. The SEO pros can show their Core Web Vitals metrics in the green area. Other website owners can do the same in a similar manner. This is what you get when you hire other SEO practitioners. You may not have the proven expertise in this area.

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