Graham McGregor on: Do You Have Lazy Advertising Property In Your Enterprise?

Graham McGregor: It's not what you have;  It's what you use that makes a difference, as Zig Ziglar said.


Graham McGregor: It’s not what you have; It’s what you use that makes a difference, as Zig Ziglar said.

OPINION: A common problem in many companies (including my own) is that we have lazy marketing resources.

A lazy marketing asset is something that you have used in the past to improve your sales results.

However, it’s a lazy marketing asset now that you haven’t used it in a while.

Here is a good example:

A few years ago I created a simple one and a half page letter that I hoped would work well for getting appointments with quality prospects.

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I sent this letter by courier to four large companies that I wanted as marketing customers.

These companies included two of the largest banks in the country, as well as a world-famous computer company and a big league automobile manufacturer.

I made some minor changes to every letter I sent so that it was customized for each company that received it.

I’ve also included a value-added bonus in every letter.

Within three weeks I had appointments with a key decision maker in every company and one of the banks quickly hired me for a marketing project.

A short time later, I changed this one and a half page letter slightly and sent it to four other companies by courier.

This time two companies gave me an appointment and both companies became marketing clients.

I then used this one and a half page letter a dozen times and in the end achieved a deadline rate of 50 percent and a sales rate of 20 percent.

This meant that half of the people I had mailed my letter to gave me an appointment.

And 20 percent of the people I met on those dates became paying customers for my marketing services.

Then I did something very stupid …

I stopped sending this letter.

And I haven’t used it at all for many years.

In other words, my trusted letter to get great appointments with quality prospects is now a lazy marketing perk as it is not being used.

Why am I telling you this story?

It’s pretty easy.

Most of us in business do exactly what I did.

We are trying a marketing or sales strategy that will produce good results for our business.

We’ll continue this strategy for a while and then stop using it.

When I was selling sales training programs to sales teams about 30 years ago, I noticed something very similar.

I would share some simple sales and marketing tips in my programs and a lot of people would tell me these things

“I used the XYZ strategy a few years ago, but I haven’t used it anymore.”

Typically, if you have searched for Prosper in my marketing columns for the past 12 months, you will see many ideas and strategies that you already know but no longer use.

All you have to do is use some of these things again if they have worked well for you in the past.

Action exercise:

So my recommendation for this week is pretty simple.

Ask yourself two questions.

Question one:

What sales or marketing strategy have you tried over the past 1-3 years that has worked really well in your company?

Question two:

Do you use this strategy as often as possible?

If ‘no’, use it more often.

And start getting those lazy marketing assets up and running !!

As the famous sales trainer Zig Ziglar said …

“It’s not what you have; It’s what you use that makes a difference. “

Graham McGregor is a marketing consultant. His free marketing guide, ‘The Plan B Sales Solution’, is available from

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