Grandson of a lady killed in a home explosion in southern Omaha dies

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha police reported Thursday morning that one of the men injured in the house explosion in southern Omaha on Tuesday had died.

The Omaha Police Department homicide detectors were told on Wednesday that the OPD report said 28-year-old Alexander Toledo “succumbed to his injuries and died” on Wednesday. He and a 72-year-old man were taken to the University of Nebraska Medical Center on Tuesday. Both were found at the scene with serious injuries, according to the press release. Toledo was later relocated to the Kansas University Medical Center, according to the press release.

The owner of the house, Theresa Toledo, 73, and her daughter Angela Miller, 46, were killed in the explosion. A 72-year-old man was also seriously injured.

Theresa Toledo, 73, left and her daughter Angela Miller, 46, was killed when Toledo’s home exploded in southern Omaha on Tuesday morning, December 10, 2020.(Courtesy of photos)

Commenting on concerns for her own safety, Theresa Toledo “feared he would set my house on fire” and filed a domestic abuse order against Alexander, her grandson, in the Douglas County District Court on Monday he asked for his removal from the property.

The explosion is still being investigated by the Omaha Fire Department and OPD.

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