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published in anthology

CONNORVILLE – Brooklyn Lengyel, a junior at Buckeye Local High School, will see her words in print when the young writer is included in a national publication.

Lengyel, daughter of Jeffrey and Jeannette Lengyel of Rayland, will have her original work, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing,” appear in “Collection of Voices: A JustWrite Anthology Volume II.” She said it was the first time she was published, and her story follows a detective trying to avenge his mother’s death.

Her story was selected after she and members of the high school’s creative writing team entered a JustWrite Ohio virtual competition on February 13th. Lengyel took 13th place in the regional competition last year and received an individual award in Division I, where the 15 best writers were recognized. That year she finished 17th in Division II during the Regionals among junior and senior scribes. With this number of points Lengyel placed in the top quarter of the students and qualified for the state competition, which will practically take place on May 22nd.

“The competition judges chose which stories to select for publication.” She said. “I’m very excited! It was a very fun experience to take part in the competition. The anthology is not a very widespread publication, but I am honored to have the opportunity to myself.”

Lengyel said she had written almost her entire life and remembered days in elementary school when she put her imagination on paper and wrote a story in her notebook instead of paying attention to her teachers.

“I love how writing gives you the opportunity to express yourself and at the same time give you the opportunity to create completely different worlds and characters.” She added.

Lengyel recognized her creative writing trainer, Stephanie Crust, and her teammates Anne Takach, Carley Newton, Hester Lambright, Jacob Phillis and Jaina Demeter for their inspiration and recognized their team’s great work during the competition.

“Both my coach last year (Brianne Poilek) and my coach this year (Crust) have helped me immensely to become a better writer. My parents always encouraged me to write too, which helped me develop the passion I have for it today. “

There is a new way to purchase books and materials from the library

STEUBENVILLE – There’s a new way to get books and materials from the Steubenville and Jefferson Counties Public Library without entering the building, all with one app.

Click & Collect is a new roadside service pickup feature in the SEO Libraries app, explained Jennifer Cesta, the library’s PR coordinator.

“Choosing the curb service in the SEO Libraries app is easy. With the app you can do everything from ordering the book to picking it up without entering the library. “ Cesta noted and added that the SEO Libraries app is not new.

“It’s a free app that allows users to keep physical and digital items, manage their library accounts, and renew items.” She said.

This is how the new Click & Collect function for pick-up at the roadside works:

– Download the SEO Libraries app, withhold a library book or other physical material, and check that you are in the library “My account.” You will be notified when the holding elements are available.

– As soon as the holding elements are ready, select “Click & Collect.”

– When the items are ready, fill in and select the information so that staff can identify you “I am on the way.”

– tap “I’m there” when you arrive in the library parking lot.

– When library staff deliver items to your vehicle, press “Done” to complete the transaction.

Curb service is already available at the library site by calling the branch. Now library users can electronically pick up their favorite items. “With just a few steps, you can schedule roadside service at each library location when the holdings are ready.” Cesta added.

Decorating pysanky egg

Class offered March 20

STEUBENVILLE – On March 20th, Leonardo’s Coffeehouse at 159 N. Fourth St., Steubenville will be offering a morning of traditional pysanky egg decoration.

Classes start at 9:00 a.m. Participants are advised to allow two to four hours as it can take a while to make the eggs.

It is open to people aged 15 and over. The cost to attend is $ 10 and covers shipments. All eggs and supplies come with some kits available for $ 20.

All payments are accepted on the day of the course, however prior registration is required as space and kits available are limited. For more information, please call (740) 632-8909 or email [email protected]

A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk patterns using a wax resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “write” or “To write” because the designs are not painted on, but rather written with beeswax, according to the advertising information.

Concert ’30 Days of Hope ‘

The series lasts until April 7th

STEUBENVILLE – The Ohio Valley Youth Network / Sycamore Youth Center continues its sophomore year “30 days of hope” Online concert series with a number of talented local youth and adults participating in a 15-minute Facebook “Living” Concert every evening from 7:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. on the Sycamore Youth Center’s Facebook page.

Viewers will be given the opportunity to click on a donation tab and contribute online to support the OVYN / Sycamore youth center, which reaches 250 students a week through its 43 extracurricular programs, said the center’s director, Bobbyjon Bauman.

These courses include cooking, art, hip hop, stumbling, sewing, music lessons, and tutoring, according to Bauman.

Artists featured this year include Irish folk singer Ben David Warner; the 2020 Valley’s Got Talent Winner’s Fair May of Wheeling; and nationally known local rock group Spinning Jenny.

Those who wish to contribute to the Sycamore Center can do so by checking out “Ohio Valley Youth Network” and mail it to the Sycamore Youth Center at 301 N. Fourth St., Steubenville, OH 43952.

For information on the OVYN and the Sycamore Youth Center, visit or or contact Bauman at (608) 556-3068.

The remaining concert series includes:

Saturday, Ben Acors; Sunday, Kaly Shafer; March 15, hymn night with the Bauman family; March 16, Virginia Miller (harpist); March 17, Ben David-Warner; March 18, Savannah Grant; March 19, Jennifer Harris; March 20, Cynthia and Wayne Lytle and friends; March 21, Ally Tweedy; March 22, Nathan Bauman; March 23, Gracie Phillips; March 24th, Derek Redd (saxophonist); March 25, Anthony Pearce; March 26, Emiliana McCalister; March 27, Bella Thompson; March 28, Thee Ambassadors Mime Team / Shimmer & Shine / Ariah Jones; March 29, led by Mercy (Sandy & Aldo Pucci & Band); March 30th, The Youth Choir of the COMMUNITY; March 31, Molly Baker; April 1, Olivia Huval; April 2, Amelia Collopy; April 3, Fall of Duckworth; April 4, Rachel DeLong; April 5, Jennifer Krause; April 6, Chelsea Householder; April 7th, spinning jenny; April 8th and 8th, Crossroads Worship Team.

John ‘Wiz’ Fabian memorial

The Easter egg hunt is back

MINGO BRANCHING – The John “Wiz” The Fabian Memorial Easter Egg Hunt in Mingo Junction returns after a year-long hiatus.

The event, jointly sponsored by Scott Fabian and the Mingo Knights of Columbus Council 4361, will take place on April 3rd at noon at Aracoma Park in Mingo Junction.

The year 2020 was not held, an event that fell victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is for children ages 0-12 and is limited to 70 children. “We need a pre-registration” noted Shawn Zarych, Grand Knight.

Security restrictions for COVID-19 apply.

“To register, we need your name, the age of the children and how many are in your group.” noticed Zarych.

The information can be made available to Scott Fabian at (740) 284-0751. to the community hall at (740) 535-8037; Messenger of the hall on Facebook; or send an email to [email protected]

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