Here is what TMS2021 has in retailer for product entrepreneurs

The Makers Summit 2021 would stretch over three days with over 50 meetings and over 100 speakers, and it would be right to break the agenda for you based on meeting formats and streams

Sidharth Shakdher from Hotstar, Praval Singh from Zoho, Abhinav Kumar from Paytm, Manan Bajoria from Ixigo and Damandeep Singh Soni from boAt are among the product marketing veterans who will speak at Makers Summit

There’s a lot to do in the Marketing Conference – the Retention Beast, the Role of the Growth Teams, the playbook for India’s emerging D2C brands, et al

This article is part of the upcoming Inc42 Plus – The Makers Summit India’s largest product conference, scheduled for March 12-14 and supported by Netcore, Amplitude and HPE. Click here to learn more.

There was a time when a product was seen as a product manager’s idea, but no longer. Over the years, product functionality has evolved dramatically and has become extremely complex. It is no longer a stand-alone monolith made and sanctified by professionals of a race. Today, product, design, and marketing functions are intertwined in a kind of helix to deliver the superior experience a user is looking for.

Therefore The Makers Summit 2021India’s largest product conference brings together more than 10,000 manufacturers from the product, marketing and design functions of India’s leading product startups to share knowledge and understand each other’s best practices.

Since the conference extends over three days with over 50 sessions and more than 100 speakers, we think it is right to optimize the agenda for you. Therefore we consolidate the master classes, keynotes and chimneys as well as the sessions of the unicorn founders separately for your benefit.

In this article we take a look at everything that is directly related Product marketing People who were scheduled for the conference.

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Redefining the marketing funnel for Bharat

Over the past three decades, the marketing funnel has evolved with every advance in the world of technology – first email marketing, then search engine, and lastly social media, which has changed the dynamics of marketing.

While product marketers have relied on a mix of all three to design their marketing funnel, Bharat’s audience and the next billion users don’t fit into that paradigm. The Bharat user does not use email as often and prefers social media in the form of short video apps.

How does the product marketing funnel adapt to this segment? This is what Sidharth Shakdher, director of marketing at Hotstar; Gajendra Jangid, Co-Founder & CMO, CARS24; Kanika Mittal, Business Head, Twitter, and Damandeep Singh Soni, VP, Growth, BoAt, will speak about this in a panel discussion.

You will decipher the metrics that are important for high-growth product marketing in Bharat. Unveil the secrets of unlocking Bharat’s ambitious mindset and shed some light on the nuances of referral marketing in the Bharat form.

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From redefining the marketing funnel to maintaining hyper-growth, TMS2021 keeps product marketers informed

Sustainable Hypergrowth – The Role of Growth Teams

The growth phase is the most exciting time for a startup. But it has to be sustainable. The product toolkit that a growth team brings to the table – funnel testing, adtech integration, and cohort segmentation – is vastly different from those needed to get started. The key factor for growth teams is that they are not looking for a 100x better experience for 1% of users, but rather 10x for 99% of them.

For this reason, we have a panel to help the audience understand how a growth team is built and what skills product developers must have on such a team. Arun Pattabhiraman, Freshworks chief growth officer; Manan Bajoria, vice president, growth and marketing, Ixigo; Anuj Rathi, Vice President for Product, Swiggy; Julio Bermudez, Vice President APAC and LATAM, Amplitude, will be the speakers for this session. Mona Gandhi, founder of the product manager upskilling platform Upraised, will be the moderator.

The key takeaways for the audience would be deciphering the GaaS (Growth as a Service) model of product ownership, the best prioritization frameworks for growth teams, the secrets of using bottom-up experiments to identify top-down KPIs, and more.

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From redefining the marketing funnel to maintaining hyper-growth, TMS2021 keeps product marketers informed

The product playbook for India’s emerging D2C brands

One of the segments that benefited the online Covid pandemic onslaught was direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. However, creating an ecommerce presence or website is not enough for a D2C startup unless it is backed by an effective marketing strategy.

From social media marketing, social commerce, video marketing, email marketing, content-driven shopping, and more, new age brands have entered the influencer market and are winning customers through digital word of mouth. While it might seem like a simple checklist, innovating and differentiating in a crowded market is by no means easy.

In addition, every young D2C startup has problems using the agile framework of product experiments and building a brand personality for the target group. Hence Tanvi Malik, co-founder of FabAlley; Tarun Sharma, co-founder and director of Mcaffeine; Ajith Karimpana, founder and CEO of Furlenco; and Shashank Mehta, founder and CEO of The Whole Truth, will open the playbook for the success of D2C in a session moderated by Sid Talwar, a partner in VC firm Lightbox.

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From redefining the marketing funnel to maintaining hyper-growth, TMS2021 keeps product marketers informed

Define the maturity of your product analysis and encourage its growth

When talking about an early startup, one of the recurring topics in the conversation is the difficulty with data. How much data is collected? Is this data enough to iterate the product and effectively target consumers? Does the company have the resources to analyze its data?

Startups often put the development of a product analysis framework in the background. “We’ll do it according to X-traction or Y-revenue,” one founder can say to himself. But all too often this strategy fails.

Ross Walker, Senior Solutions Advisor at International Markets, Mixpanel, will host a masterclass session explaining the different stages of product analysis maturity and the reasons for creating products for the next billion. Walker also explains how to assess your startup’s data maturity and how to move up the ladder.

The role of product marketing in SaaS

The product marketing mandate for one SaaS product is vastly different from the others. Your product may target a small audience, the cost of switching from a dominant company may be high, and the lead conversion generated may be very low. If these seem like a lot already, you’d be surprised to know that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the puzzle that is product marketing in SaaS.

What could be nicer than having a top product marketer from one of the best-known SaaS companies help you navigate the troubled waters? That’s why we’re bringing Praval Singh, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Zoho, to a master class that unveils the secrets of evangelizing a SaaS product, bringing leads out of the best customer acquisition channels, users with newer value propositions, and customer loyalty, much more.

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The role of product marketing in SaaS

Product-oriented growth in practice

Traditional sales-oriented and fee-based marketing, which is associated with high customer acquisition costs, is slowly taking a backseat for many product companies. Wondering why Asana or even B2C products like Hotstar are choosing a freemium model?

This strategy of retaining users with the base product until they are forced to subscribe to additional features available in the paid version is known as product-driven growth. But does that work in India? Businesses could look jugaad instead of upgrading and individual consumers might be satisfied with the limited features.

In this panel discussion, speakers discussed creating frameworks for product-driven growth, moving from a service mindset to a product mindset to empower high-growth teams to innovate beyond the product, and much more.

This panel includes Shobhit Singhal, Deputy Product Director of Hotstar; Minal Thukral, growth leader at CoinDCX; Yann AïtBachir, Data Manager, Shopback; and Rachel Bethany, Head of Customer Success, Amplitude.

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