High 5 digital advertising and marketing and web site design firms in Los Angeles

There has never been a better time to make sure you are properly represented on the World Wide Web. While it has been an important consideration for so many companies since its inception, the past 12 months have certainly created the inherent need to ensure that a fully optimized and attractive portal is available to prospective clients and customers.

The benefits of the internet are becoming more complex and integrated in new and exciting ways. However, there is a problem with keeping up with trends and updates – and making sure a company gains some edge to differentiate itself from its peers in an increasingly competitive environment.

This is where the wonders of a robust and professional digital marketing agency come into play. Having the bells and whistles of a classic marketing approach combined with the well-versed knowledge of the constant changes in digital space is an advantage that no one can avoid.

Through extensive search and analytics available, these are the 5 digital marketing firms in the Los Angeles area that offer a complete package plus a little something that sets them apart.

Here are the top rated digital marketing and website design companies in LA:

1. Arnaud Brunel

Arnaud Brunel

Arnaud Brunel is one of those abnormal marketing firms that have their finger on the pulse of the innovative future. They managed to differentiate themselves from every other agency in the Los Angeles area by having a niche and preferred marketing plan that seems fresh in its approach.

Being an all-rounder is hard enough these days, with so many updates happening on different platforms almost every day. Arnaud Brunel is able to keep his image fresh enough by incorporating the typical bells and whistles of digital marketing in terms of development and standard SEO practices.

However, they separate in their dense and multi-faceted focus on image branding and coaching – especially in areas that are not often covered, but have a strong, steadily growing target group. Particularly noteworthy are the Pinterest Academy and the marketing strategies it offers, which are a rarity, but given the potential traffic, a route that is definitely worth exploring.

2. 1Digital

1Digital cover many of the basics related to local and general SEO practices and services, and advocate global reach with their dedicated and laser-focused campaign paths. Their combined experience and professional reach were the most attractive aspects when browsing through the various competitors in the industry.

Their strong focus on the e-commerce market was also commendable as it is one of the emerging industries that emerged from the disastrous 2020 for the world. The rising tide of ecommerce will require more experts in your corner if you’re actually looking for that specific and bespoke touch.

As a relatively young company that was founded in 2012, it is amazing what reach they were able to build up in their short business time, which makes their previous customers all the more important in terms of the previous scope of services.

3. I think an idea

I think an idea

I think an idea is another niche digital marketing company with a tremendous reach in the Los Angeles area. You focus heavily on the reputation aspects of a business model and reputation, while offering the typical SEO and digital marketing services. Their separation from the crowd is their great variety and breadth of services provided in the smaller niche aspects of reputation management and branding support.

They have dedicated advertising professionals on duty as well as PPC advertising and email marketing offers, it is certainly a jack of all trades marketing company with a focus on deep reporting and image control in remarkably impressive ways.

4th Avidon


Avidon is in many ways for the little guy. In a city like Los Angeles, which aims to be bigger than life itself, finding a professional and well-tailored smaller business representative is certainly a rarity. We loved their specificity and their focus on the smaller and localized SEO services and practices.

Since this is more of a boutique agency, its scope and size won’t hinder its services. They focus heavily on bespoke and bespoke marketing campaigns for smaller businesses and startups that have tremendous impact and breadth; SEO, web development, website design, social media campaigns, PR and PPC management, to name a few.

Their work has even been mentioned in nationally covered companies for their clients, which says wonders of their reach and professionalism in a world of Goliaths.

5. Line two

Line two

Line two is one of those marketing agencies that you can’t help but love. They have all the ingredients of a modern marketing agency and company, with a touch of outdoor classic in their extensive repertoire. This marketing agency opened a little over a decade ago in 2009 and has worked with some pretty strong hitters from the start, which is impressive enough given the competition they face.

Their billboard advertising offering may seem a little dated, which is why it was so surprising to see how many digital offers are available to them, how well they care about everything online, and are also coherent in the physical realm of marketing and branding.

Being so ambidextrous in terms of their marketing skills says a lot about their inherent understanding of the nature of advertising in general and the marketing practices that might allude to some of the more focused actors.

These were 5 of the top marketing firms in Los Angeles. We are confident that if you go to any of them you will be satisfied.

Cameron Dickerson

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