High Advert Consulting is making massive waves in promoting

Top Ad Consulting is proud to announce that it is a female owned and majority owned company The Vegas, Nevada. They are a boutique advertising agency and business consultancy that focuses on creating engaging content online combined with targeted advertising to build viral brands.

President of Top Ad Consulting and founder since the beginning of the company Anastacia Shelton has put a steady hand with their leadership. She is a graduate attorney University of Tennessee Law school.

Shelton said, “We take pride in the work we do for our customers to complement their great brands. We love to have a huge impact on our customers. “

Shelton believes that a woman at the helm sets her agency apart from others in a typically male-dominated industry like advertising, and attributes this to her company’s recent success.

“Women have three things that help them run businesses,” Shelton says. “Women set realistic goals that are achievable. Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary said it well, “Because women set goals that they can achieve, they are more likely to achieve their sales goals than men. Next, women excel through collaboration. This is very helpful in an industry where our customers and we are working on a campaign together. After all, women have excellent time management skills and are great multitaskers. Since many of us are mothers, we had to learn how to wear lots of hats. This has helped us manage all of our customers with ease. “

Your company saw strong business growth in 2021 and gained dozens of other customers despite the pandemic. The company attributes this to their performance and customer satisfaction. The company didn’t spend money promoting its services and instead relied on word of mouth.

“We actually saw an increase in business during the COVID. People who were not used to advertising online were forced to do so during the pandemic. We were happy to be available to help them achieve their business goals during a difficult time, ”said Shelton.

Top Ad Consulting made national news for the increase $ 4 million for our customers in 2020. Your customers have been featured in Fox News, AP, People Magazine, CNN and MSNBC. Their campaigns are effective because of their unique blend of social media management and targeted advertising in creating online moves that deliver results for their customers.

“Our strategies have clearly achieved the desired returns for our clients. We believe that success comes when marketers work with their customers to develop the best vision for their brand and ensure it is seen by the people who need to see it, ”said Shelton.

The agency is a leading omnichannel marketing firm with significant experience in digital advertising, video production, cable television, OTT media, SEO services, text brokerage, email campaigns, customer acquisition, Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and much more. Top Ad prides itself on delivering the best possible results to its corporate, political, and nonprofit clients.

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