High quality Web site: Do not Overlook These 12 Important Components

More and more business owners are realizing that having a high quality website is no longer a great addition to their marketing, it is now a necessity. In the early 2000s, the internet was just a luxury and something most people were just concerned with. Over the years, the internet became increasingly popular with consumers and became something that consumers used as a regular part of their daily lives. The global pandemic has virtually shifted more and more aspects of business, from ordering goods normally bought in your store to setting up a roadside pickup for groceries and groceries.

Despite the increasing role of the Internet in everyday commerce, small businesses shy away from building a quality website because they fear that it will involve complex coding and enormous costs. The truth is very different and anyone with a little patience and inclination can build a quality website for around $ 100 in an afternoon. I even wrote an e-book that walks you through the process of building a quality website from start to finish with tons of pictures that make the process foolproof.

In this day and age, websites are so prevalent in our society. Anyone looking to get their name out there needs to be creating a website and using that as a hub for branding, marketing, and even commerce. Whether you’re starting a business, blog, or want to improve your personal profile, a quality website is what you need.

Building a quality website

By this point, you’ve probably looked at thousands of different websites and seen the multitude of pages made by other companies. Without even realizing it, you have likely visited some very high quality websites and some very poor quality websites. Over time, you have probably developed an understanding of the types of sites you like and which ones you leave immediately because they are not attractive. However, the quality of a website is no accident – many different parts work together to make everything work.

All of the best websites in the world are considered such as each facet has been looked at pretty carefully. Sure, some aspects of building a quality website aren’t too difficult to work out, but you certainly have considered every aspect and carefully tested them before launching the finished website. Every single high quality website contains many positive points – here are just a few of them for you:

1. Superior customer experience

When you enter a website and are comfortable with what you see, it is because the administrator or web designer created a superior customer experience. If you want to create a website that people will enjoy right from the start, you need to make sure you add value with a website that meets or exceeds customer needs. The above picture shows how to get a better customer experience. However, there are a few elements to consider here.

  • Don’t bombard the visitor as soon as they come in with popups and advertisements.
  • Provide attractive, matching images and plenty of white space to invite them in.
  • Customize your homepage to match the customer’s search intent and show them they’re in the right place.
  • Also, be sure to provide the items listed below.

First impressions are key, so you need to make sure you don’t mess things up right away.

2. An easily navigable space

One of the most important parts of a website is navigation. While it doesn’t really take precedence in most minds most of the time – especially at the beginning – it’s something that puts every page of your website together properly. Make it easy for visitors to find what they came up with quickly, and have proper filtering and sorting so they can search your product database to find exactly what they’re looking for without spending hours searching through products that are do not meet their requirements.

3. Market your website to attract the right visitors

While a website for a large and popular business might not require a lot of marketing, smaller businesses will have to work on attracting visitors to their website as potential customers type in their brand name in a search. Whether you own a heating and ventilation company looking to partner with HVAC marketing agencies or a small boutique looking to attract visitors to your physical store, you need a wide variety of marketing channels, including social media, to be successful. Things like email marketing, driven by subscriptions from your website, keep people updated and keep them going. Email marketing also shows the highest ROI of any other marketing tactic.

Leverage marketing automation

4. A website optimized for mobile devices

Nowadays, a lot of people surf the Internet with their cell phones and tablets. So when building a quality website, start with a mobile-first strategy to make sure your website looks amazing on mobile. Fortunately, WordPress and Shopify both offer templates that have already been optimized for mobile devices to make your life easier. Make sure to test your website on a wide variety of platforms, especially iOS and Android, the major mobile platforms, as these play an important role in the overall quality and experience you provide to your customers.

5. Excellent SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) means a lot when it comes to the quality, popularity, and rating of a website. It is literally the practice to ensure that the website lands at the top of the search results (SERPs) when someone enters a certain set of words and searches for something that you offer.

Create content for social media

Image courtesy SEM Rush

SEO is a big topic in itself, and I’ve written a lot about how to ensure excellent organic search results. So you can search this website for more information. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Create fresh, valuable content on a consistent basis
  2. Keywords and how to use them on your pages, especially landing pages
  3. Internal link
  4. Word Count – Most of the top ten websites contain more than 2000 words
  5. Produce content that attracts backlinks
  6. Title with approx. 45 characters
  7. Fast loading speed – see below

6. Simplicity

You might think that you need the best little widgets and the coolest, newest attachments to make the best website possible. Well, there’s a time and place for these kinds of things on many different websites, but you want to keep things pretty simple for the most part. In terms of productivity and getting the right results, you want to make sure you don’t overdo it and just stick to your basic goal, which is to transform your target market. Check out this process below.

drive the marketing funnel

Image courtesy of Smart Insights

7. Get insights from professionals

You may be quite knowledgeable about what you are doing and you may have your own ideas, but it is a good idea to seek help and advice from people who have been playing this game for a while. People who work in the web design field know exactly how to create a high quality website that delivers the types of messages you want to get across.

Graphic designers can help you with the type of logos and images you want to include. Marketing and SEO agencies can help you expand your reach. If you can’t afford to hire these people, read as much as you can from experts and work on implementing their advice.

8. Get to the point

Many website builders rethink what to do. They may be trying to get as much information on the page as possible to look like a company that knows what they’re talking about. However, people don’t really care about this site as they just want to satisfy their curiosity and understand what they are looking for.

9. The right amount of advertising and promotion

Whether you’re promoting the service you provide, the products you sell, or your personal profile, you need to advertise and promote it – but don’t bombard visitors with your promotions (as mentioned earlier). You need to know where to place the banner ads and widgets so that they don’t affect the user experience. Typically, new products on websites are displayed on a large banner that covers, for example, the top or middle of the page. You should use popups sparingly and never block your content the first time a visitor hits a page.

10. Fast loading speed

Page speed can really affect the way someone feels about the website. It’s annoying when you click a link or button and have to wait about 30 seconds for the entire page to load, right? Chances are, your loading time will be longer because you have many different parts at the same time. Do what you can to keep things pretty simple overall and to increase the speed.

11. Cybersecurity

A lot of nefarious activity takes place online as you probably already know. If you’re not protected, you are easy prey for hackers and other geek who want to take advantage of your data – and even your money later. Unfortunately, ransomware is widespread these days. Because of this, you need to make sure you have good quality protection software and a good IT company. As you grow, you might even want to consider managed support so you are protected at all times.

12. The right branding and colors

When you type in what you think is the right place but find that the colors, branding, and overall feel aren’t what you expected, it can leave you feeling a little worried and lost. You might think you traveled all the way just to walk into the wrong building. The same goes for a website. It’s unsettling if you don’t stick to the brand and colors. Also for marketing and continuity reasons, make sure you always stick to what you know.

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