Himalaya Saxena developer at Highcompress shares ideas for budding builders

Himalaya Saxena, the developer of Highcompress, has reached out to help the computer science aspirants. Today his website is actively used by 50,000 users every day. In addition, it is one of the most widely used plugins on WordPress. The hit saga doesn’t stop there. He created an application called Confessout that has over 1 million users on the Google Play Store.

Himalaya Saxena began his career as a software developer and blogger in 2010. It took eight years of persistent focus and dedication to achieve fame and recognition. A tedious task for many, but he did it.

When Himalaya started out as a software developer, he practiced programming every day. Despite busy schedules and deadlines, he somehow managed to devote 30 minutes of his day to keeping his practice intact and improving his skills. He felt that daily programming practice kept him updated. He was also able to keep experimenting.

Good communication is vital for all businesses. In the world in which we live there is often an opportunity in which we have to present ourselves. People who work freelance should be ready for an opportunity and be ready at all times. Good communication here doesn’t mean having perfect English or any other language.

However, it would be best if you are comfortable explaining and the recipient should understand your context. According to Himalaya Saxena, a clean coding pattern will make you stand out from the crowd. Himalaya stocks he made around $ 50 for CPA marketing early in his career, and it took him seven to eight months to get a check for $ 120 from Google Adsense. Like everyone in the industry. He’s got off to a difficult start too.

While doing his Masters in Computer Science, Himalaya began learning Object Oriented Design Principles (OOP). Practicing OOP regularly has helped Himalaya in the long run. Because of this, it was easier for him to read people’s code. A developer has to learn to crack other people’s code since you are always working on a team, which is considered a skill.

Himalaya Saxena’s message to all budding software engineers is that they should learn at least one scripting language like Python. Learning scripting will no doubt make your life easier and come in handy for automating repetitive tasks.

Himalaya believes that writing or initiating ideas for a product / feature / bug fix will take a long time before they are ready for market. The trick to success is to think and think ahead. The programmer has to make sure that everything fits correctly and lasts for a long time.

A programmer must do a thorough research of the customer’s requirements and further discuss them with the team to achieve the desired result. It is unhealthy for a developer to start programming without really thinking about it.

Himalaya Saxena is currently working as a freelancer and is looking forward to new tasks. In addition to his many achievements, the developer of Google Adsense has been invited to various Google meetings.

The story of Himalaya Saxena is motivating. All prospective computer science students must take note of his development as a developer. Himalaya Saxena is a real inspiration.

Published August 8, 2021

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