How clever digital companies assist manufacturers

New Delhi [India], July 2nd (ANI / NewsVoir): The saying “content is a brand new currency” has accelerated lately. The power of content became multifaceted as companies were forced to switch to digital mode in order to survive.

Because of this, companies across the domain are being made aware that delivering relevant premium content is essential to stand out from their competitors and survive. Not only does this help customers engage with the brand easily and effectively, but it also improves their journey with the brand.

But not only the content helps the brand to achieve its goals, but also the creative concept and the global quality and innovative content.

This new trend has brought about many changes in the content area and paved the way for many start-ups to be at the top and establish themselves among the pioneers in the content design industry.

ODN Digital is one such brand that has successfully made its way from startup to qualification as a leading content design company. Founded in 2015, it has grown to fame and glory in just five years and continues to help brands effectively reach their customer base through premium content related to e-commerce and marketing content.

The company embarked on a startup journey with photography, including cataloging, catalog videos, informative graphics as part of the “E-com content” service, social media management, website design, banners, landing page design and more. It supports various services. Creative shoot and video in the “Marketing Content” category. Since their inception, they have done their best to deliver edited images and videos, 3D renderings, GIFs and infographics in just 24 hours! Her focus is always on developing innovative strategies and expressing creativity in every way in every project! They promise that the brand will deliver global quality content. They also attach great importance to short lead times, which is what sets them apart.

Shared the vision and ideas behind starting the company, Narinder Mahajan, Co-Founder and CEO of ODN Digital Services, said: We have worked with various prominent consumer retail organizations in various industries and formats. Before launching ODN Digital Services, he worked with e-commerce giants. At that time we saw opportunities for high quality and creative content and a number of growth. At that time, investments in marketplaces, digital marketing and social media domains increased significantly from an e-commerce perspective. Also, the demand for creative content is extremely high and I’ve found that it will continue to grow rapidly in the future. Hence it was a conceptualization of digital ODN services. “The brand serves customers both nationally and internationally and is represented in the US, Europe, the Middle East and APAC. Regions. To date, ODN Digital Services is industry wide and 200 worldwide. We have served our customers with over 1 million catalogs and over 500,000 edited images.

The organization has played a critical role in helping brands share their stories with the world through innovative ideas and content of global quality. ODN Digital Services is one of the few content partners licensed for premium cataloging by major marketplaces such as Myntra, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and Noon.

They have worked with a variety of other big brands such as MS, Chaayos, Chumbak, Lakshita, Enamor, Timex, Wakefit, GAP, Lakshita, Paytm and Emporio Armani to bring global quality content to the Indian market. .. It also addresses the content requirements of several well-known international brands such as Fossil Group in the APAC region, Centrepoint Stores, GHC Group in the Middle East and Bodhi Beverly Hills in the US.

Kumar Udaar, co-founder and COO of ODN Digital Services, describes the path so far: Whether it is about the financial crisis, finding and hiring the right people, ensuring loyalty in a developing market or enhancing the brand from our credibility, credibility and quality convince the work and the integration of new customers. Saw it all! But we decided to focus! We had a clear mission and vision and wanted to achieve what we set out to do. Archana Gulia, Creative Director of ODN Digital Services, has rewarded all our efforts to portray the creative journey of the roller coasters to this day and has become India’s leading content creator and provider. “At ODN Digital Services, we believe in a creative vision to discover strategies of a new era for our customers. Together as a team, we develop innovative concepts, design aesthetic creatives and deliver content of global quality. In addition, we make sure that we keep our promise of fast delivery and check the quality of carefully selected content. We also keep an eye on industry trends and develop content that takes brand needs, customer base and market image into account. Interweave your brand history with the expertise and creativity of a competent team in artistic content formats such as A / infographics, catalog recordings, stop-motion videos and topic-related creative shoots. We work together to provide only ready-to-use strategies and high-end content to our clients! The aim of the brand is to design and deliver global quality content in a short period of time, to provide the brand with ideas for a new era and to maintain a leading position in the formulation of creative strategies. Is to be done.

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