How four Worldwide Companies Show Search engine marketing Worth

Explain the customer’s “growth space” with specific metrics

Another crucial aspect for you to define a common definition of success is the mapping of the customer’s search properties.

By analyzing your status quo and your competitors on certain key terms and topics, you have the opportunity to create a compelling business case. As Telford explained:

“As an integrated agency, we at Clarity PR pursue the philosophy of viewing Google as the world’s largest online newspaper. With a full page view, our search, PR, and paid teams can work together to help a client get maximum coverage from search results. We always ask: What about the entire keyword sphere? It’s not just about ranks, it’s about choosing topics and owning this space. “

One way to create the conditions for this growth in terms of SEO is to use a reliable visibility metric as a “market share” indicator.

Calculated as the share of impressions, weighted with the search volume, you can use the SEOmonitor visibility metric to define an important strategic input, for example: the company’s scope for growth in a certain area.

Using the Visibility metric as a performance benchmark can also build confidence in your agency’s reports.

How GroupM Turkey does it:

“Customers who are relatively new to the digital landscape want to have full control over their rankings and their online presence. With the visibility metric and its explainer, we can check the status on a daily basis, look at competitors and see which keywords influence the visibility shifts and whether this is an opportunity for our customers. “

How 4 Worldwide Agencies Prove SEO Value

If you’re working on an integrated communication level, enriching SEO-specific metrics will boost both client understanding and your tactical creativity.

“We have found that by mixing tools that are traditionally service-specific, we get fantastic results,” said Telford. “So enrich your keyphrase research with sentiment analysis tools or help PR teams to identify possible topics with the help of keyphrase benchmarking or SEO-capable reporting with the help of backlink analysis. Bringing new perspectives into practice has helped to increase creativity and customer success. “

Use your SEO reports and speak the customer’s language.

As already indicated, reporting is another large part of an agency-client relationship that can be negotiated from the start.

“We’re all practically busy with the customer,” said Ng. He pointed out their competitive advantage as top management interacts directly with the clients’ teams from day one.

“When working with large clients who have their in-house digital marketing teams and analytics needs, we need to constantly fit into their model, not the other way around,” said Ng.

For this reason, connective3 focuses on creating custom dashboards that serve the internal teams at every step of their collaboration and allow the client to create their marketing reports.

“Customers like to query the raw data,” said Ng. “So let’s start the journey together by customizing that data and then becoming an insight provider. And I think it pays off if we educate them about our role and also enable the customer to feed their internal business intelligence tools. “

This is where API access and custom Data Studio connectors come into play. Your established SEO tools should allow you to keep the client informed at every stage of their SEO campaign, making reporting another indicator of trust.

After all, it’s all about constantly communicating the initial SEO value you promised in the pitching phase while tracking your mutual success metrics.

How 4 Worldwide Agencies Prove SEO Value

Not only is the monthly coverage an excellent time to get the customer’s pulse, but also a space to re-formulate expectations, fix and even add to the strategy as you gain more hands-on experience with the customer’s business.


As our agency experts pointed out, there are several ways you can demonstrate how SEO value translates into business results throughout the campaign lifecycle.

But it’s important to set the common ground and negotiate what success means from the start.

Transparency from pitching to reporting is crucial:

  • A forecast helps you set realistic expectations and explain the customer’s growth potential in a particular industry.
  • A visibility metric helps you explain how the digital landscape looks for your customer compared to your competitors for certain keyword groups.
  • Integrated search and PR metrics help you get an accurate picture of the status quo and the customer’s potential to own a particular digital space.
  • SEO reporting solutions and data availability improve your customer communication and enable you to add even more value to your marketing efforts.

To help agencies acquire and manage more customers, we at SEOmonitor offer unlimited API access and multiple Data Studio connectors at no additional cost so that you can personalize your campaign data as you wish.

Join us and hundreds of SEO agencies on their way to bring more transparency to the SEO industry.

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