How the content material fueled Paula’s Selection enlargement

While many brands are using their workforce for digital activations, digital-first brand Paula’s Choice is gearing up for a real push.

Erika Kussmann, Chief Marketing Officer, described the growing online brand awareness as the impetus to move offline. “We have the largest D-to-C skin care brand in the US. We’re at the perfect point where we have this growing awareness,” she said. “There’s going to be this really exciting dynamic between D-to-C and retail that can explode because we’re available to our customers.”

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The brand, whose credibility rests on its namesake founder’s discerning eye for ingredients, has had to rethink how it disseminates information throughout its existence. Adaptation was key to not only surviving but thriving. “We moved from books to long form [content] on our website to really have multiple content formats or multiple channels, ”said Kussmann. “This is important to us because we want to be part of the conversation.”

The brand’s digital touchpoints with potential consumers are diverse and range from instructional videos on YouTube to influencer content on other social media platforms. “When we think about digital, we want to achieve scalability. So we’ve got the growth and the ability to reach as many customers as possible, ”she said.

Part of that is tailoring content to any type of media, with deep dives into ingredients that live on platforms like YouTube, and more bite-sized formats that run on TikTok or Instagram reels. “We can tailor a campaign, a message, a piece of content to a specific audience and reach them with this specific message,” said Kussmann.

One of the advantages of this presence is an intensive dialogue with customers, added Kussmann. “We can have a two-way conversation on our digital channels. In the social field, we constantly conduct surveys and really involve our customers. For example, if you look at our Instagram feed, our customers are at the heart of our story. Customers are a big part of it, ”she said.

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The brand is popular in the TikTok set, where ingredient stories and technical education perform well. “It must all be based on the same information, the same research, the same knowledge. But TikTok is a completely different format with different content types and different audiences, ”said Kussmann. “Is it our chance there for us? We’re at the tip of the iceberg right now, ”she said.

Paula’s Choice is adapting its educational tools for stationary use due to the recent partnership with Sephora. “How do you bring this amazing, rich online experience and education into a store environment and make it seamless?” Said Kussmann. “As a brand, we want to continue our education everywhere. Our goal is that people make the best choices for their skin. So there is an opportunity for us to experience this new live branding experience that we don’t currently have at all. “

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