How this small city man is making strides within the web optimization business

There’s a guy, Animesh Singh, who he met in 2015. He was the main inspiration for Judajeet to start his career in the SEO industry

Nowadays the internet is part of almost everyone’s daily life. We use it for different purposes every day. Some for work, some for entertainment, and some for career building. Even if there are so many users of the Internet, very few have any idea how much potential it has.

Those who have recognized their potential will make a fortune with it. Get to know Judhajeet Das, he is known for his success in the SEO and marketing industries. Started with just the will to become a YouTuber in 2015, now SEO is a genius helping startups and aspiring entrepreneurs get better known around the world.

It all started in 2015 when he launched his YouTube tech channel called TechyGeek. He was very passionate about becoming a successful YouTuber. He worked hard and got a decent audience in just a few months.

But his journey of becoming a YouTuber ended after his father passed away in late 2017. His father was all he had. After losing him, Judhajeet was in a very bad mental state. But he couldn’t just sit and wait for a miracle to happen. He had to take his life into his own hands and earn money to meet his daily needs.

“The channel actually had good growth, but was closed in early 2018 because of a sudden permanent monetization ban that broke my heart even more and lost all of my will to work for my passion at all,” he says.

At first it was difficult for him to find a decent way to make enough money to meet his daily needs. There’s a guy, Animesh Singh, who he met in 2015. He was the main inspiration for Judajeet, who started his career in the blogging and SEO industries.

He said, “I called him again out of desperation to study again to work in 2018 and thanks to him he taught me the initials and principles of blogging and SEO, which is probably why I’m where I am.”

Soon he decided to learn SEO and offer services to websites in order to get a better SERP ranking. The first few years were tough for him as SEO is a complicated thing. Soon he started freelance link building. Slowly he got a better understanding of SEO and began to deliver better results for his clients. He achieved an astonishing goal of 4,700 product sales for a small emerging Asian smartphone brand in the US and North America in just one month, which has made him the fame it has today!

From mid-2019 he took over the work of international clients and took care of their entire SEO and marketing growth. He soon started working as a media and PR strategist for Asian smartphone brands and some consumer goods brands.

Now he has a full-fledged SEO and marketing startup under his personal branding that will soon be a huge success. The company mainly offers complete SEO services and web-based solutions for brands. “2018 is my most painful and difficult year, has taught me too much about life and has also given me the opportunity to rediscover myself today as a business professional in the new realm of Internet companies and industries. I have never looked back and felt nothing I’ve achieved enough, but I will probably do it soon! ”he added.

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