How to decide on the correct photographs on your web site and model on-line

You might think for an agency that does so much web design and blogging, we write and look for code all day.

And that’s partly correct – we write a lot and program individually.

However, to be a good digital agency, one needs to understand the role visuals play in both creating a website and promoting an online brand and presence.

Forget the old adage. Online a picture is worth a thousand words.

How Smart Businesses Use Images to Improve Their Online Presence

Because of this, today we are going to teach you how to choose photos for your website and online marketing that really show up and remind potential customers of you.

And don’t worry. Even if you don’t have the budget for a fancy photographer, there are still plenty of ways to get great images for your website, which we’ll cover below as well.

Use images in marketing

Humans are visual beings and that doesn’t magically change when we go online. This is why the use of images is vital in online brand marketing.

Every image you share should evoke an emotion and represent your brand identity – whatever makes you, you. Sure, slogans and content are incredibly important (and critical if you want to rank on Google).

No matter what our customers write about their stunning locale, nothing can beat this stunning image they use on their homepage.

But pictures reveal and convey your uniqueness in an instant. In fact, neuroscientists at MIT have found that it only takes 13 milliseconds to process an entire image.

So, if you want to instantly connect with your audience, crisp, beautiful photos that represent your brand well are the way to go.

Today’s customers want to connect with authentic brands. The better able you are to provide them with stunning pictures painting a picture, the more likely they are to become avid fans. And the more likely they are to become ambassadors for you.

Hungry? Crisp photography by our customer really whets your appetite!

In fact, a study by BuzzSumo found that articles use an image every 75-100 words received twice as many social media shares than items with fewer pictures.

Images are clearly important and can greatly improve the content of your website.


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When building a memorable corporate brand, these important questions need to be considered. Otherwise, you risk losing valuable business as your brand doesn’t differ enough from others targeting the same audience as you.

Your brand should evoke an identity, an emotion, traits, and something that makes you you. This is where this differentiation comes into play – by using and passing on your uniqueness.

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Importance of images in web design

Given that at least 38% of users stop bothering with unattractive website design, using attractive images on your website is a breeze.

But images do a lot more for your website.

First, images on your website can improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

When Google scans your website it will display all of your content including your images. This is how good, optimized images can improve your Google rankings.

In fact, website content with images gets 94% more views than content without. So if you want more traffic you need to use more photos on your website.

Proper use of images can also result in people staying on your site longer.

And the stakes are even higher when you run an ecommerce website. According to this Kissmetrics study, 93% of shoppers consider visual appearance to be the most important factor when buying!

And, as we’ve already mentioned, images also keep users more enthralled.

Remember, people are busy and tend to browse websites. Breaking your text down into shorter paragraphs and interesting photos and infographics can make your website more accessible and easy to use.

One of our customers uses carefully selected images to refine the content of their website and improve usability.

Of course, this only works if you use images correctly. This means that only relevant and attractive images with small file sizes are used. It’s also best to use pictures of people as much as possible.

And remember, one of the most important elements about using images on your website or other online endeavor is to make sure you are only using photos that you own or are allowed to use, which we cover next.

How to choose photos for your website

How can you choose photos for your website?

First, think about the first impression you want to convey. Create a branding guide that includes your branding colors and fonts, but also the look and feel you want your images to represent. And decide which types of images to display and which not.

Ultimately, you want to use high quality images that provide meaning and purpose. And it is important that you have the right to use them.

If you have the budget to work with a photographer – great! Make sure you are working with someone willing to learn more about your brand leader and working closely with you to create just the right images. This is a time when it really pays to be picky.

The right professional photographer can certainly help, but there are more ways to get images for your website.

And if you don’t have the budget to work with a photographer – great! There are so many options now for great stock photography that can be much cheaper or even free.

For paid photos, we recommend Depositphotos, which we’ve been using for years without any problems.

And if you’re just starting out and need to stick with free photos, check out Unsplash which has a large number of beautiful photos that can be used for free for all commercial and non-commercial purposes without any attribution or permission.

When choosing photos, you need to be even more careful when choosing images that represent your brand well. Avoid photos with people looking straight into the camera, which are a bit cheesier and less authentic.

Finally, remember that visual clutter is actually a bad thing. Try to focus on some great pictures that are intelligently arranged. A good web developer can help keep your website looking and converting well by using just the right combination of beautiful images, engaging written content, and well-placed call-to-action.

The better you can use photos in your website and in online marketing, the better you can connect with your audience.

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