How To Use Concrete Levelers to Restore Uneven Concrete

The practice of concrete leveling is a viable way of fixing uneven slabs. This involves drilling small holes into concrete at strategic places to fill gaps and voids created by soil movement. This procedure can be carried out by companies using foam rather than grout. Concrete leveling is also referred to as foam jacking. It can be carried out at home or in a business at a lower cost than replacement. It can also be a quick and simple solution to uneven concrete.

Uneven concrete can be characterized by cracks, uneven floors, sinking driveways, and sidewalks. Uneven concrete is unsightly and dangerous, as well as costly to repair. If you notice cracks in your sidewalk or driveway it could be the time for concrete leveling. These cracks could pose a risk for you and your guests. The process can take a few hours or less. It is possible to have it done the same day, depending on the severity of the problem.

Greene Concrete Leveling is best done by a qualified and professional contractor. Concrete leveling projects can be tricky and a professional with a good reputation knows what to expect. With years of experience, they are able to anticipate and correct any problems that may occur. A new company will typically use the same material, regardless of the requirement. This can result in unneeded costs since more space will need to be filled. The more time and materials required, the more you will have to pay.

Before you apply the leveling compound, first prepare the area to be repaired. The compound must be mixed with water. This task can be accomplished with a paddle-type mixer. Concrete leveling compound has an approximate 15-minute “flow time” at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it has been mixed and used, it is able to be used immediately. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before driving on it. This will stop the surface from becoming uneven.

Another alternative is self-leveling concrete. The cost for this procedure is dependent on the size of the area. Some companies charge as low as $1.80 per square foot, while others cost as high as $1,700. Self-leveling concrete is not an option for large slabs. Moreover, it is not as fast as foam leveling, and is not as effective as concrete jacking. Therefore, it should be utilized for smaller areas such as garage floors and patios.

Self-leveling concrete is a great solution for sunken concrete. It can be used to fill in dips and level uneven concrete. It can also be used as an underlayment for flooring. For small areas, self-leveling concrete can be a cost-effective solution that is quick and easy. For larger areas, it is best to hire an expert. This is a quick process and can be used for large-scale projects. In just a few days the results will be evident.


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