How video utilization can improve web site conversion charges

Fascinating product videos guide customers through an impressive presentation of the most important sales factors when making a purchase

By Siddhartha Vanvani

Video marketing is a first-class and competent model to communicate the brand personality and target groups with a clear communicative topic. The success of digital video ads is considered when converting potential leads into paying customers. Hence, one of the most functional ways to increase traffic acquisition is to add relatable and fun content to the website, and videos are extremely helpful in getting the desired results from a brand.

Backed up by conclusive statistics, the presentation of videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, and the majority of advertising experts cite video marketing as an effective ROI booster. Also, viewers who come across a video on the website tend to stay longer and are 64% more likely to convert. For advertising professionals looking to improve conversion rate optimization, videos are essentially an exceptional online marketing approach.

Why video marketing?

Video marketing is a proven, fruitful marketing strategy as users prefer video content to immutable text and icons. The quality of videos, which are educational and engaging at the same time, has proven beneficial in effortlessly overwhelming distinctive users across various social platforms. A well executed conversion video with a well thought out marketing strategy can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. It’s not enough to have compelling videos; Companies need to implement conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies in order to use social platforms and increase reach.

Benefits of Using Video Marketing for Website Conversion

Sales growth

The boom in the use of digital media has resulted in most companies moving to the online mode of action. As a result, online brands that implement video marketing strategies are increasing their return on investment (ROI) by 49% year over year.

Influence purchase decision

Exciting product videos guide the customer through an impressive presentation of the most important sales factors when making a purchase. Statistically, over 80% of customers admitted that the visibility of a video influenced their purchase decision and automatically helped brands achieve higher conversion rates.

Customer trust and credibility

Informative and engaging videos create a better brand personality in the eyes of the audience. And once the customer connects with the ideologies, they become an avid user of the services that directly support a brand’s website conversion.

Tank conversion

Linking, optimizing and automating a product marketing video enables a web conversion rate that is over 35% higher. Additionally, manifesting videos on a landing page can be immaculately influential for a brand in generating profitable traffic.

Get social shares

Measured by the number of images and text shared together, videos top the majority of online shares. Hence, this is a good reason to focus more on formatting creative videos as it encourages viewers to share the content and helps brands get lucrative website conversion rates.

Rank higher in search

Well-optimized videos can help position your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). The measurable time a user spends on your page after being shown by a Google search can have an impact on ranking. Around 80% of the brands confirmed that the length of stay key figures increased with the use of videos on their website and that their digital presence was productively strengthened with a higher conversion rate.

Points to remember

  • Three main factors influence marketing videos: “Connection”, “Creativity”, “Communication”.
  • To get users’ attention and increase the website conversion rate, the company’s website is the best place to go for video marketing.
  • Backlinking a marketing video is extremely useful for increasing a website’s conversion rate by directing customers to your product or website.

The author is the founder and director of Digidarts

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