How will you use native legislation agency search engine optimisation to get # 1 on Google?

What is Local SEO for Law Firms?

Local SEO has a lot to do with standard search engine optimization, but the focus is on local search results and since most searches are done for terms like “DUI law firm near me” or “best” DUI firm in Birmingham etc, the need to find one Having good local ranking will attract the customers you are looking for.

The importance of a law firm to local SEO depends on a number of factors including listing details, content, backlinks, published articles, reviews, and ratings.

These are the ducks in a row that you need to sort through in order to properly rank for your law firm’s SEO.

There’s another big reason local SEO is so good – it has the Local SEO 3-pack that sets it apart from standard SEO.

Local search results also include a special feature – the local SEO 3-pack.

A local SEO 3-pack is the listing of three companies that you see first in search results when you search for terms with keywords like “near me” or “near” [Location]. “

When you search for a local business, Google creates a list of potential businesses that match your search query. The first thing you’ll see are the three Google My Business entries.

SEO vs. Local SEO: What Does It Mean?

The Local SEO 3-Pack distinguishes the Local SEO from ‘general’ SEO and returns the local search results for your law firm in a 3-Pack.

What many law firms overlook is that one of the most common searches for any law firm is for their “DUI / divorce / property / any law firm” close to me

They are looking for one local Law firm.

And this is where local SEO for lawyers comes in.

How can you use local law firm SEO to get # 1 on Google?Image: inspiration feed

What is the Local SEO 3-Pack?

So what exactly is local SEO?

For local search, Google compiles a list of the top three local businesses that best match the search query. Known as Local SEO 3-Pack, these results appear at the top of search results with information pulled directly from your Google My Business (GMB) account (see below for more information on GMB listings).

Ranking factors for local SEO firms

There are several ranking factors that will ensure your law firm’s local ranking, largely due to the following key standout factors:

> The relevance of your company to what the searcher is looking for

> The proximity of your company to the searcher

> Your company’s reputation

7 Essential Local SEO Ranking Tips for Law Firms

What do you need to do to get top local rankings? Here are the top tips you need to use to make sure your law firm ranks for this valuable 3-pack.

1. Create your Google My Business account properly

It seems easy to say that you need a GMB account, but surprisingly, many law firms have failed even on that first step. Set it up, but make sure you use best practices to build on that local relevance and authority.

Initial setup involves checking the ownership of your law firm and providing up-to-date details on services, location, hours of operation, etc., as well as adding logos and images to bring your listing to life. You will then need to regularly post on special news and content, and promote reviews for the company.

You also need to use local quotes and make sure your NAP (name, address, phone number) is used consistently.

When using your quotes and setting them up, make sure that you –

  • Your company name, address and telephone number (NAP)
  • Description of your law firm
  • Link to your website

It is extremely important that you ensure that the company name is consistent across all directory listings so that when they are listed they will display and match exactly the same information.

Some of the places to make sure you are listed are sites like Bing, Manta, Yext and you can be listed with us at Right fuel also (just an email with the code ‘NAP’ for a half price offer).

local SEO for law firms

Get on Google Maps

You need to go to Google Maps and claim the location for your law firm.

While Google My Business shows up when the audience search is done, it’s Google Maps on the back that pulls in the information about your business, making sure you set it up properly.

How can you use local law firm SEO to get # 1 on Google?

2. Use ‘local’ keyword research

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