HTA launches training marketing campaign for Mālama Hawai’i

The Hawaii Tourism Board recently launched a new marketing campaign that rewards tourists for participating in restoration, conservation, and education efforts.

Travelers can experience the Hawaiian Islands on a deeper level, with an emphasis on connecting with the culture, giving back to the destination and preserving it for the future, all while following safe health practices.

That is the message behind a series of poignant and educational videos played to visitors before and after they arrive in Hawaii.

The videos are part of Mālama Hawaiʻi’s marketing campaign recently launched through a partnership between HTA and the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau.

The campaign is targeted at mindful travelers – those who respect the culture and surroundings of the places they visit and want to explore responsibly in order to create meaningful memories through enriching experiences.


This is in line with the HTA Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and its four interacting pillars: natural resources, Hawaiian culture, community and brand management.


The Mālama Hawaii campaign launched in the United States includes social, digital and video ads. The digital and video displays can be seen by viewers on the mainland and in Hawaii.

The campaign messages are delivered in different versions, including longer-format videos. Together, they will shed light on issues related to restoring Hawaii’s natural resources, maintaining Hawaiian culture, and how visitors can participate in these efforts:

  • Episode 1: Noelani Lee on Aquaculture: Hawaiian Conservation

  • Episode 2: Guard Collier on Habitat Stewardship: Hawaiian Conservation

  • Episode 3: Sam Ohu Gon III on reforestation: Mālama Hawaiʻi

  • Episode 4: Rick Barboza on Sustainable Agriculture: Mālama Hawaiʻi

  • Abstract: A new way to travel: Mālama Hawaiʻi

The videos direct visitors to the Mālama Hawaiʻi page on The HTA’s Mālama Hawaiʻi program is a nationwide initiative with nearly 100 industry partners and local organizations that provide inspiring volunteer opportunities that ultimately lead to regenerative tourism. With a positive effect, visitors can experience an enriching travel experience and even enjoy a free night in participating hotels. Visitors who travel to Hawaii on purpose will leave with a long lasting understanding of what it means to mālama (take care of our earth, each other, and ourselves).


Mālama Hawaiʻi’s videos and campaign were presented to the HTA board during the board meeting in May.

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