Tips For You Before Hiring A Moving Company

Moving is a job that you do not just tackle. It is important to prepare for the job well. We have collected a number of tips for you before hiring a moving company. We also requested a number of quotes regarding the costs of a move. We received the following data.

The price of most of the moving companies

We received a number of quotes for the work of a moving company. We have summarized them in the diagram below.

What kind of product or services do you purchase?How many movers?What kind of work is being carried out?price
A low budget move1 mover who is also the driver of the moving vanDriver when moving.Between 565 and 640 euros
A move basic2 movers, including 1 who is also a driverAssistance with packing your household effects and driver who is also a moverBetween 850 and 990 euros
A big house move4 movers including 1 driver, 1 handyman.Packing things, transport with moving van, handyman helpBetween 1200 and 1550 euros

Limit your contents

Before you engage a moving company, it is good to know the size of your household effects. You know exactly how much household effects you have at home by sorting your belongings in the following way:

  • Items that are broken or incomplete.

You are not going to use these anymore and they cannot be used. That’s why you throw them away. This can just save 1 fifth of your household effects.

  • Things that are still good but no longer have any value to sell.

These are things that you give away to the thrift store. You can also put them on a giveaway site on the internet. This way you make someone else happy with your stuff.

  • Things that are still good and that have resale value but that you no longer use.

You sell these on a sales site.

  • Things that are still good and that you take with you.

You put these things in a moving box. If all goes well, it still concerns about a third of your total household effects.

Think of a quality mark

Before you engage a moving company, first look at the moving companies in your region that have a quality mark. This is an important requirement. A moving company with a quality mark offers you the security and guarantee you need when moving. That way you know a number of things for sure. One of the most important things is that good insurance has been taken out for your household effects and for the movers. There is no high deductible per claim. So, if a piece of furniture or a valuable vase gets killed during the move, you will simply be properly compensated. Another advantage is that you get a good quote that is binding. We will come back to this in the next section.

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Request the quotation

You must request a quote for a move. You approach a number of moving companies where you request quotations. The quotations that you request must contain at least the following:

  • Cost of the material. This concerns the materials that the mover uses such as moving boxes, moving blankets, but also the use of the moving van for a specific period.
  • Cost of labor. This concerns the movers, but also the driver and, for example, the handyman who cooperates with the move. The amount must be broken down in the form of an hourly wage and a number of hours.
  • Amount of the costs of the equipment. This includes an item such as a moving lift that is used, but also the use of moving dogs, for example. These items must be rented and the costs will be passed on to you.
  • Mileage costs. These are the costs that the moving company must incur to come to you. In addition, you have a number of free kilometers for the entire job when moving. If you exceed this number, you pay an amount between 1 euro and 1.50 euros per kilometer extra.

Make a scan on site

Before the moving company starts working, a scan will be made at your location. This means that people look at the size of your household effects. The number of cubic meters is determined on the basis of this. This is necessary to determine the size of the moving van that is required for the move. In addition, the scan looks at the location of your old and new home. It is checked whether you are going to or from a multi-story home. In addition, it is examined whether things can easily be walked through the old and new homes. This is necessary in order to bring the right aids for the move.

A company from your own place of residence

Always call in a moving company from your hometown for the move. This saves a lot in the kilometers that one has to travel to get to your house. Do this by requesting quotes using the button below. You will receive multiple quotes from local moving companies. In this way, you will arrive at a good comparison and a low price for your move.

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