Ideas from a hashish PR pattern researcher to extend electronic mail advertising and marketing success

This article by Marissa Smith was originally published on NisonCo and appears here with permission.

2020 highlighted both obstacles and opportunities. Nielsen reported that the COVID-19 restriction in March 2020 resulted in an increase in screen time of more than 3 additional hours than in the third quarter of 2019. With more screen time, there is an opportunity to attract more attention through digital marketing. And the prospects for digital marketing and its returns are really good.
According to a 2019 HubSpot Research global survey, 78% of marketers saw an increase in email engagement over the year – and that was before a global pandemic led to an increase in screen time. Combine the surge in email marketing engagement with the fact that email marketing generated $ 42 for every dollar spent in 2019 and it would be clearly negligent for any business to expose.
As one of the first cannabis PR agencies in the US, marijuana email marketing is our bread and butter at NisonCo. Success in the cannabis industry means constantly keeping up with new innovations, and improving the email effectiveness of cannabis content is a specialty for our NisonCo marijuana marketing team.
However, the following tips aren’t unique to the cannabis industry: With foresight based on some key digital marketing trends, it’s pretty easy for any business to tweak their email marketing efforts and operationally optimize their integration.

If you’re still sending batches, you are doing it wrong

Integrating Segmented Campaign Optimization is the marketing guru’s way of building custom, targeted email streams. For example, business-to-business contact emails captured at a trade show should receive separate, curated content that is sent to newsletter subscribers that have been brought in for customers through your main website. Other segmented campaigns could potentially be run based on geographic regions, the subscriber’s purchase history, or a variety of other considerations. The segmented campaign optimization ultimately depends on the desired result of each brand communication. However, the underlying purpose should always be to create a connection to the consumer using a common characteristic.

Cannabis SEO here, there and everywhere

Ideally, you know what search engine optimization is, or at least you are familiar with the idea. The tip here is: Make cannabis SEO integration a reflective aspect of all content created. When you embed the cannabis SEO strategy on blogs, social media posts, newsletters, etc., it means that content does a double job: it is meant to engage consumers while driving traffic to your website by targeting certain Target keywords / phrases. These keywords / phrases, in turn, will help your business rank high in consumer search results.

For NisonCo, the reflexive integration of cannabis SEO is simplified by maintaining a list of phrases that we choose from before we write anything – be it a Twitter update or a piece for Forbes. In this post, careful eyes will see “cannabis PR agency” or “marijuana email marketing” some of NisonCo’s own idioms intended as a marketing agency focused on SEO strategy.

Pack a lot in a little

Most email communications should be fairly short and sweet. Long-form communications should be stored on your website in the form of a blog post or announcement that can be linked through an email, which will direct traffic to the website.
You are welcome to sprinkle a button or two with “actionable material” – a phone call to register for a free event, a giveaway and of course at least one direct link to buy your goods or services. These tiny tools speak for themselves and provide a clear path for customer actions.

Images are no longer just for visual enjoyment in an email, they should also be used for your communication. When you click on it, images should be linked away from the email – possibly to your website, product, advertisement, or affiliate company. Alternative texts / descriptions are often not used enough, which is a shame as they are helpful for both visually impaired readers and to improve SEO rankings.

Take advantage of the metrics

Never underestimate the value of good, direct data collected from your consumers. As part of your posting checklist, be sure to set a reminder for a week or two after sending the email communication to evaluate the metrics. Update your email marketing metrics here. Customize the times emails are sent, who you send them to, etc. to better target your customers. Email communication shouldn’t be static or it will lose interest from your audience.

At the beginning of the design process it can be helpful to include a customer feedback button / survey to help customize the course faster and more successfully. This button could then also be reintroduced from time to time in order to carry out a constructive assessment.

Bottom line: sharpen the tools in your kit

The best part about these tips is that it doesn’t take a digital marketing expert to rule your business. Most email marketing platforms like MailChimp or AWeber simplify the segmentation of campaigns, the integration of SEO, hyperlink / alternative text images and the evaluation of metrics.

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