If you wish to do business from home, these are a few of the hottest freelance jobs which might be in excessive demand

  • India is the second fastest growing freelance market after the US as the number of new freelancers rose 46% from Q1 to Q2 in 2020, according to a report by Payoneer.
  • Startups prefer to work with freelancers rather than full-time employees.
  • You can build your freelance career in these highly sought-after fields

Gone are the days when freelancers were considered part-time to make a few extra dollars. Many educated people, especially the youth, are now trying to build their full-time careers as freelancers. Recently, the freelance market has accelerated its pace, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Between the first and second quarters of 2020, the number of new freelancers rose by 46%, according to a report by the US financial services company Payoneer.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 400 million jobs were lost worldwide during the pandemic, and freelance work has shown a ray of hope for professionals. India is the second fastest growing freelance market after the US, with an estimated 15 million freelancers currently. According to the report, the freelance market is projected to grow by $ 20 billion to $ 30 billion through 2025.

India ranks 23rd when it comes to the quality of startups and the business environment, according to innovation mapping and research company StartupBlink. According to the report, startups attract freelancers the most. Most startups prefer to work with freelancers on a contract basis rather than full-time employees for several reasons. Early-stage startups tend to be short of money early on, and freelancers are inexpensive. Freelancers have expertise in their respective fields and are easy to find.

These are some domain fields that are in great demand for freelancers. For people looking to build their freelance careers, there’s a glimpse into popular skills that are in demand –

1. Digital Marketing


This is one of the most popular and sought-after skills, especially among startups, to increase their visibility in the market. Every startup is looking for digital marketers who can help them on search engines and social media.

Skills Required to Be a Digital Marketer:

  • In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Excellent video production and video marketing.
  • Should know how to work with analytics tools like Google Analytics, Maz Pro etc to keep track of website performance and traffic.

According to a Glassdoor report, the average salary for a freelance digital marketer in India can range from £ 5,74,152 to £ 9,59,353 per year. On freelance platforms like UpWork, a professional digital marketer charges $ 10 to $ 60 an hour.


2. Web developer

If you want to work from home, these are some of the hottest freelance jobs that are in high demandPixabay

This is one of the most sought-after profiles as every startup needs an attractive website to connect with their customers. In times of fast-moving technology, versatile web developers are always in demand in the IT sector.

  1. Skills required as a web developer:
  • Solid with testing and debugging skills.
  • Excellent design experience and user interface (UI), user experience (UX) skills.
  • Knowledge of backend development
  • Full knowledge of HTML and the JavaScript programming language

According to professional social networking company LinkedIn, a freelance web developer in India makes around £ 37,500 a month.

3. Writing content

If you want to work from home, these are some of the hottest freelance jobs that are in high demandPixabay

Any startup or large company requires professional content writers who can curate content for them in order to attract a large number of viewers. With everything going digital, there is a huge demand for digital content creators in every industry.

Skills Required to Be Content Writer:

  • Good writing and editing skills.
  • Strong understanding of verbal and communication skills.
  • Competent in working with online content platforms.
    According to a PayScale report, freelance content writers in India earn an average hourly wage of £ 487.22 and can earn £ 16,343 per month.

4. Graphic design

If you want to work from home, these are some of the hottest freelance jobs that are in high demandPixabay

Professional creative designers, often referred to as graphic or communication designers, are always welcomed by companies that can use their creative design skills to communicate the brand’s goals to the target audience.

Skills required as a graphic designer:

  • Creative mind for design
  • An eye for finer details
  • Proficient in working with design tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, etc.

According to a report by PayScale, the average hourly wage for a freelance graphic designer in India is £ 295, while Glassdoor reports an annual salary of £ 5.21,505 for graphic designers in India.

5. BlockChain Developer

If you want to work from home, these are some of the hottest freelance jobs that are in high demandPexels

Blockchain is a relatively new and advanced domain. In every sector, including healthcare, education, and retail, blockchain developers need to perform blockchain-centric functions for them. Due to the high demand and the smaller number of professionals in this field, companies are willing to pay high sums to qualified professionals.

Skills required to be a blockchain developer:

  • Solid hands in software development
  • In-depth knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Good knowledge of programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • Knowledge of the basics of cryptography

A freelance blockchain developer can earn anywhere from $ 10 to $ 25 an hour. An average annual salary for a blockchain developer can range from £ 4.75,000 to £ 7.93,000.

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