IMEC leverages third-party sources to assist the Carbondale maker develop on-line gross sales

CARBONDALE, Ill., May 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With over 5,000 parts for replacement parts for Chinese-built powersport products, Chinese VMC Parts had to upgrade their SEO program to get more prospects for their online catalog. Bryan Black acts as managing partner at VMC and has been tasked with implementing the company’s marketing strategy, including basic search engine optimization (SEO). He had to free up his time to focus on other initiatives to ensure VMC emerged from the 2020 disruption in a stronger position than before.


IMEC regularly hosts events that provide guidance, best practices, and resources Illinois Manufacturers address current challenges. Aware of the need to improve their marketing strategy, it was child’s play to accept IMEC’s ​​invitation to participate in the timely and appropriately titled event “Sustainable Sales Growth – Doing More with Less in an Online World”. The Strat Marketing Group (StratMG), the IMEC third party resource that presented the information, made a strong impression on Black. They spoke the language Black needed to hear and he saw an opportunity to bolster VMC’s SEO program and delegate that task to a reputable team. “We all understood what we were doing about SEO, but we needed someone who could do it better,” said Black. He consulted with IMEC’s ​​business growth expert who facilitated the relationship with VMC and StratMG, which marked the beginning of an ongoing partnership.

StratMG’s experts were able to formulate a plan that used SEO techniques to drive qualified leads to the VMC website, as well as best practices for optimizing conversion rates in order to monetize the qualified traffic on the company website. The results have been phenomenal, including a 44% increase in sales without using external retail platforms like Amazon and Ebay. Black and his team wanted a long-term SEO strategy that would produce lasting results – continuous qualified web traffic over time – to keep online sales growing. After seeing successful results during a year of an optimized SEO strategy, VMC decided to abandon the external retail platforms they had previously used and keep StratMG and IMEC. VMC will continue to use IMEC and StratMG to increase online sales.


  • 44% increase in sales without retail platforms like Amazon and Ebay
  • Increase in shopping cart conversion rate by 1300%
  • The VMC “Contact” page increased by 172% compared to the previous year
  • Sales growth of 175% compared to the previous year
  • 211% more top 10 keywords
  • Organic traffic growth increased by 139% year-on-year
  • Increase in page views by 122% compared to the previous year

About IMEC
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