Imperial County, California: 15 lifeless in critical car accident

There were 27 passengers in the SUV who hit a truck full of gravel, said Judy Cruz, the emergency room manager at El Centro Regional Medical Center.

She said 14 people were dead at the scene and one more died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Additional passengers are treated at El Centro Regional Medical Center and Pioneers Memorial Hospital in nearby Brawley.

“Patients are going through a difficult time as you can imagine,” said Adolphe Edward, CEO of El Centro Regional Medical Center. “It was a serious accident and we are taking care of her in the emergency room.”

Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs is caring for four patients after the crash, hospital communications director Todd Burke told CNN. Three of the four patients are in intensive care, and all four were flown straight from the scene to the trauma center.

Arturo Platero, California Highway Patrol Officer, said the vehicle was moving west on Norrish Road near State Route 115 when it was “on the direct route” of a large rigging truck that was on 115 in Drove north. The cause of the crash is currently being investigated.

The video posted on social media, which aims to show the aftermath of the crash, shows a number of police, ambulance and fire engines on site. The road appears to be completely closed as some rescue workers appear to be helping the wounded.

A truck with two knives and two trailers is parked in the street. When the camera pans to the left, two helicopters can be seen.

CNN reached out to the person who posted the video, but they didn’t respond immediately.

The crash site is in southeastern California, about 10 miles east of El Centro and about 10 miles north of the Mexican border.

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