“It is Okay” Star Search engine optimization Ye-ji faces backlash from corporations as points proceed to hang-out them – Manila Bulletin

Seo Ye-ji in “It’s okay to be not okay” (tvN)

After denying that she manipulated her former boyfriend, actor Kim Jung-hyun, star Seo Ye-ji has faced backlash from brands she has advocated as other issues continue to haunt her, such as the one Suspicions about her academic background, abuse of staff, and violence in the school.

Several companies recommended by Seo Ye-ji, including a dietary supplement, face mask, cosmetics, and glasses, have either deleted their ad photos or privatized YouTube videos with her.

Korean media reported that the controversy put Seo Ye-ji at risk of paying huge fines to companies she hired to endorse their products. Endorsement contracts, including those with celebrities, usually include a morality clause that provides penalties if they become involved in controversy or scandals that harm the brand’s image.

Seo Ye-ji has been in the spotlight since the Korean media company Dispatch posted a message on April 12th accusing her of manipulating then-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun when he played the TV drama “Time” in 2018. turned.

The report included Seo Ye-ji and Kim Jung-hyun exchanging messages via KakaoTalk, a mobile messaging app, in which she ordered him not to film “skin ships” or physical contact scenes with co-star Seohyun and not to greet female employees and so that he changes the script so that there are no romantic scenes or skin ships.

She also ordered Kim Jung-hyun to record videos and audio recordings and broadcast them to her during the filming. The news report added that if Kim Jung-hyun received a script he would ask for revisions and send it to Seo Ye-ji.

During an exchange of text messages, Kim Jung-hyun said to Seo Ye-ji, “I’ll keep reading the script. I don’t do anything else. “She said to him,” Correct it well so there is no romance. You are happy because of me. So make me happier. “It added that the script from episodes 5 to 12 of” Time “had 13 skinship- Had scenes but none of them made it to air.

Through her agency Goldmedalist, Seo Ye-ji made a statement denying that she manipulated him and changed the script of “Time,” blaming Kim Jung-hyun, saying he had these things with his ” own free will. ”

She admitted that she and Kim Jung-hyun were lovers at the time and dismissed the KakaoTalk messages and tampering allegations as a mere “love argument.”

In the same statement, Seo Ye-ji denied allegations that she lied about her academic background.

When she was a guest on the TV show Knowing Bros in March 2017, she said she went to Spain to study and lived there for three and a half years.

Actor Seo Jang-hoon asked her, “Did you go to college there?” to which she replied: “Yes.”

Gold Medalist said Seo Ye-ji was “preparing for admission to Complutense University of Madrid in Madrid, Spain, but she could not attend college normally early in her career in Korea. We would also like to say that the additional allegations of violence at school are not true at all. “

In another controversy, an internet user who said she was an associate who previously worked with Seo Ye-ji said the actress mistreated employees at Goldmedalist.

“As an employee who was in the same car with her for several years, verbal abuse was nothing. She smoked in the car, so I suffered from secondhand smoke. She also made me buy cigarettes and scolded me for a little mistake while blowing smoke on my face, ”the internet user claimed, the Korea Herald reported.

Gold Medalist was founded by actor Kim Soo-hyun when he left KeyEast in 2019 and recruited Seo Ye-ji. Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji starred in “It’s Okay To Be Wrong,” a drama that featured Gold Medalist as the production company last year.



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