Jivox, chief in digital advertising, broadcasts Dynamic Canvas Studio

Jivox, the technology leader in personalized digital marketing, today announced the launch of its Dynamic Canvas Studio, a major upgrade to the creative automation capabilities of its flagship Jivox IQ that enables brands to automate the versioning of creative content on a large scale.

When brands do omni-channel personalization to engage consumers 1: 1, the cost of creating personalized versions of creative content can increase significantly. With any product, package, offering, language, price, currency, and format / channel, the cost of producing these creative variations can overwhelm most marketing budgets. Additionally, brands are forced to choose between first-generation template-based DCO tools that lack the emotional appeal of bespoke creations, or use traditional creative tools that offer creative flexibility but lack automated versioning at scale.

With Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas Studio, brands can enjoy the best of both worlds. Built on Jivox’s unique and groundbreaking Dynamic Canvas (™) technology, the new Dynamic Canvas Studio (DCS) provides a powerful visual creative studio that allows creative teams to upload creative master files from several top and widely used creatives, including tools like Adobe Animate CC *, Adobe After Effects * and Google WebDesigner *, as well as other HTML5 and video authoring tools with Jivox DCS built in, so you can quickly create hundreds of thousands of versions of creative content with just a few clicks.

“Our current environment requires brands to invest heavily in creatives who are personalized across many media channels and on a large scale to enable direct customer engagement,” said Diaz Nesamoney, Founder and CEO of Jivox. “As a result, creative production costs overwhelm marketing budgets with no end in sight, as these formats and channels for consumer engagement continue to multiply. Jivox DCS is a boon to in-house creative teams and production agencies trying to bring low-cost creatives to brands on a large scale for data-driven personalization. “

The most important functions of the Jivox DCS include:

  • Direct integration and support for Adobe Animate CC *, Adobe After Effects *, Google WebDesigner * and other tools for creating HTML5, video and image motifs
  • A single master that can automatically create and render hundreds of thousands of variations by uploading individual component assets or adding a feed of assets
  • Versions can be previewed and edited in a visual environment to test fonts, copies, images, and more, and to ensure that they look a good fit in the Creative Master

The easy-to-use self-service tools have an intuitive, creative-friendly interface that enables even the most complex dynamic creative campaigns to be created and deployed in minutes.

Traditional DCO platforms either enforce the use of predefined and custom coded templates that severely limit creative design concepts, or use tools that force users to deviate from their familiar creative tools in order to learn a new “studio tool”. With Jivox DCS, creative developers can use their existing tools while avoiding the time and expense associated with versioning the creative across products, packages, languages, prices, and more.

Jivox DCS is an integral part of Jivox IQ, the company’s flagship product, and serves as a key creative development tool to be an integral part of the AI ​​and data-driven personalization offered by Jivox IQ.

All current Jivox IQ users will be upgraded to Jivox DCS at no additional cost. Jivox IQ DCS is available immediately. More information is available at http://www.jivox.com.

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