JJ Hebert is the entrepreneur to look at for his transformative self-publishing work in 2021

JJ Hebert, dubbed the “Self-Publishing Guru” by the Good Men Project, has been at the forefront of the self-publishing world for over a dozen years. In 2009, he founded MindStir Media, an award-winning self-publishing company that has helped thousands of self-publishing authors. Hebert is a four-time # 1 Amazon best-selling author, and he helps his clients succeed in publishing. He has helped authors produce over forty award-winning books and numerous Amazon bestsellers.

In 2020, JJ Hebert expanded his business while finally redesigning self-publishing by working with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. MindStir Media now offers the self-publishing author the opportunity to have Kevin Harrington write the foreword for his book and to shoot a promotional video. Business authors in particular benefit greatly from this advertising service. The ability to associate a Shark Tank shark with their book and brand is a revolutionary proposition. Before launching this innovative service, self-published authors struggled to differentiate themselves, but the ability to associate a celebrity with their books set them apart from the crowd.

The relationship with Kevin Harrington was so transformative for writers that Hebert decided to work with Mariel Hemingway to offer writers the opportunity to get support from a Hemingway as well. Mariel Hemingway is an Oscar-nominated actress and best-selling author. She is also the granddaughter of legendary writer Ernest Hemingway. Mariel Hemingway helps MindStir Media writers promote their books through video marketing and endorsements.

In a recent interview, JJ Hebert said he plans to work with other celebrities to continue helping writers stand out: “I’ve found that marketing by celebrities or influencers for writers is hugely effective. I’m actively following other celebrity partnerships I can share with my writers clients to build their own brands and promote book sales. “

As a leading entrepreneur, JJ Hebert is also a member of the Forbes Business Council and contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, where he continually shares his insights as a self-publisher and business expert. He has been featured in Business Insider, Inc Magazine, and Yahoo Finance. His own books have won nine literary prizes.

Based on his current development, he appears poised to continue transforming book publishing in 2021 and beyond – and for this reason, like everything else outlined above, he deserves “Watchable Entrepreneurship” status “.

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