Journey advertising and marketing threatened by information modifications from Apple

Location marketing has become a useful tool for travel companies to understand where their customers are and what purchase intentions they might have.

Driven by the data collection capabilities of a mobile device that often barely leaves the consumer, businesses and destination marketing organizations have found a wealth of information that enables them to get the right message across at the right time based on the owner’s location.

Fine-tuning of such activities has only been hampered by a brand’s lack of understanding of the process or technology behind the scenes.

But the big tech companies who gave organizations the ability to use these mechanisms are now rethinking the whole concept.

Inevitably, Apple won’t be alone in making changes (but it will be next to do so), but limiting the data collected and shared is driving part of the strategies of many travel brands.

All is not lost, however – similar to how third-party cookies go down, it’s about how businesses can change the way they work to use alternative methods.

Zeek Coleman, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Adara, joined us this week for PhocusWire Pulse: Travel Marketing Tactics to explain the rationale behind the changes and the options available for further development.

The full interview with PhocusWire’s Kevin May can be found below …

PhocusWire Pulse: Travel Marketing Tactics – Location, Location, Location At Risk?

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