Judhajeet Das – His journey from YouTuber to website positioning & Advertising Mastermind

The internet has really changed our lives. It has become even more useful after the introduction of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. These search engines help to filter data on the Internet for search queries.

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You can make a fortune out of it if you have the skills you need to rank in the SERPs of these search engines. An example of such a person is Judhajeet Das. He has mastered the skills of search engine optimization and helps many brands to have a better presence in these popular search engines.

Judhajeet That started his journey six and a half years ago when he decided to start his own YouTube channel called TechyGeek. Young and full of passion, within a few months he started to get pretty good coverage. But what did this boy know about the tragedy that life had planned for him? At the end of 2017 he lost his father. Alone and hopeless, his life and YouTube journey came to a standstill.

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“The channel actually had good growth, but was closed in early 2018 because of a sudden permanent monetization ban that broke my heart even more and lost all of my will to work for my passion at all,” he says.

He had more to come. In 4 months he got his board exam and he was also under pressure to make money to meet his daily needs. But the reason we read about him today is because he didn’t give up then! He gave up his boards and continued to pursue his passion.

“I met this man on Google+ in 2015, Animesh Singh. He was this passionate web developer who wanted to establish himself in the blogosphere and was actually the main inspiration for my getting into this industry. I met him again out of desperation in 2018 to learn something for work again and thanks to him he taught me the initials and principles of blogging and SEO, which is why I’m probably where I am today. “

The story goes on

Soon he decided to blog professionally. The first few years were very difficult for him as SEO is not an easy skill to master. Back then, he was only doing freelance link building and was struggling to maintain decent cash flow at the time.

His hard work produced consistent results, even when small. Slowly and steadily, he began to understand SEO better and even developed strategies that could provide better results for his clients. He started taking on projects for small startups and individuals that gave him the visibility he needed to take his work to another level. He once achieved an astounding goal of 4,700 product sales for a small emerging Asian smartphone brand in the US and North America in a short 1 month period that gave him the fame it has today!

He started working with international brands and took care of their SEO and marketing. It all started in mid-2019. He was soon a media and PR strategist for various Asian smartphone and consumer goods brands that benefited greatly from his ideas and approaches in competitive market regions.

Now he runs a small SEO and marketing startup under his own branding that offers PR and web solutions to startups and budding entrepreneurs. “2018 is my most painful and difficult year, has taught me too much about life and has also given me the opportunity to rediscover myself today as a business professional in the new realm of Internet companies and industries. I have never looked back and felt nothing I’ve achieved enough, but I will probably do it soon! ”he added.

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