Knowledge-Pushed Advertising Cloud Chief Stirista helps the Advert Council

Stirista, the leading provider of data-driven SaaS marketing solutions, recently completed a successful free, bespoke digital advertising campaign with the Ad Council in support of their “Saved by the Scan” initiative with the American Lung Association. The campaign’s mission was to raise awareness of the benefits of early detection through lung cancer screenings and to get users to take a quiz on the lung cancer aptitude test at Targeting areas with the highest rates of lung cancer, including Indiana and Kentucky, Stirista donated ad inventory, key campaign results, and used its self-service media buying platform, AdStir.

“We’re excited to play even a small part in the American Lung Association’s mission to educate as many people as possible about the importance of lung cancer screening,” said Hamid Quayyum, EVP of Product and Marketing at Stirista. “By working with the Ad Council to implement and manage the campaign, we were able to provide key insights for future campaigns, including better targeting and engagement.”

In Indiana – a state with one of the highest rates of lung cancer – the campaign resulted in a 13% increase in Google searches for lung cancer screenings with high CTR and engagement rates during the four-week campaign. In particular, the video content in the state campaign received a view-through rate of 75% or greater based on the non-skippable CTV format.

“Getting such substantial results from this life-saving campaign has been an incredibly rewarding experience,” said Michelle Hillman, chief campaign development officer for the Ad Council. “From strategic planning to optimization throughout the campaign, Stirista used its market-leading technology to create a highly customizable and effective program that provided us with valuable insights for future endeavors.”

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