Large field retailers kick off summer time with barbecue adverts

As the long, warm summer days approach, consumers are thinking of barbecues and outdoor living spaces. According to Google Trends, crickets and grill tips are searched for from mid-May to early June. This year, many consumers will be investing in outdoor dining grills and accessories, especially as social gatherings are likely to become popular again.

Big box stores reach consumers with social media, web, and email content

Big box retailers like Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, and The Home Depot seem ready for the growing interest in summer fun, and are using digital marketing to put the tools and techniques in front of consumers when they are ready for a delicious barbecue season are buying.

Lowe’s Uses Social Channels and Branded Content for “It’s Barbecue Time” Campaign


Lowe’s uses its social media channels to inspire customers and educate them about cooking with the many grills Lowe’s offers. The hardware store sponsored a Pinterest It’s Grill Time forum that links to content on the Outdoor Living Ideas page on the Lowe website and includes recipes, barbecue tips, and DIY outdoor living projects that will make the BBQ season better . Lowe’s Facebook and Twitter channels also direct users to Lowe’s online content, where shoppers can find a BBQ buying guide with branded information, including videos and recipes for outdoor grilling.

In-store demos are slowly returning as the pandemic recedes, but Lowe’s continues to offer virtual barbecue demos. Virtual demos can be browsed online and consumers can watch these videos when needed to explore products before purchasing.

Home Depot uses content to inspire buying and cooking grills

With so many options available tied to convenience, taste, space, and portability, purchasing a grill can be daunting for consumers. To help customers make informed decisions and drive traffic to their e-commerce platform, The Home Depot created Grill Guides, an online hub that includes buying guides, project guides, and inspiration guides.

Branded content, including short videos, is a popular way for brands to share expertise and build consumer trust. Strategic content marketing also offers opportunities for partnering with other brands and sponsored contributions.

Walmart search tools help customers find the right grill

Instead of celebrity chefs, Walmart shows its own employees in the YouTube video “How to grill like a pro: 4 simple hacks”. As social media users tire of polished and perfect influencers, authentic, real people may be a better place to connect with Walmart buyers. The video, which is part of the Walmart Associate How-to series, offers grilling tips and encourages the use of Walmart roadside pickup options for everything from dinner to a Walmart BBQ. Walmart offers a wide variety of grills and the online platform makes it easy to find the right one. The grills and outdoor cooking landing page on the retailer’s website allows shoppers to search for grills by style, brand, and price.

Target email campaign encourages buyers to barbecue

Target grill

Target’s summer email campaign tells customers “it’s time to light the grill” and “eat outside”. The campaign includes links to their BBQ and outdoor cooking website and the Target alfresco dining page, which lists ideas for barbecuing meals. The Target website has information to help you find the right grill, as well as a variety of outdoor products, including dining sets, refrigerators, and dishes. Seasonal email campaigns can inspire consumers when they are best ready to buy.

Investing in outdoor fun is a trend that is likely to continue

Creating an outdoor cooking and dining area can involve big ticket purchases. Therefore, consumers search online for product information and comparisons. According to Statista, Americans spent $ 1.36 billion on grilling and grilling in 2019. During the pandemic, home improvement sales soared and many consumers invested in their outdoor living spaces to make safer connections. It is likely that this upward trend will continue for years. With relevant content to support the purchase and use of outdoor barbecues and groceries, big box retailers can differentiate to drive traffic and sales

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