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Ahmed Alomari

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – 1st Video Is King:

The use of video in social media marketing has long proven to be successful. In 2021, people spend an average of up to 2.5 hours a day watching online videos. Additionally, people like to watch videos to learn more about a product or service. A survey found that most people:

Watch videos to learn more about a product or service.
Prefer short videos to learn more about a product or service
Have been persuaded to buy items or services through online videos

On the other hand, videos have a significant business impact. Many video marketers have mentioned:

Website traffic increased after they started video marketing.
Website visitors spend a long time after starting video marketing.
Videos have contributed directly to the increase in sales.
Videos received a higher level of engagement (shares, likes, comments, etc.)
Video marketing has already been used by 86% of businesses around the world. This trend will continue to grow as 69% of remaining non-video marketers plan to start video marketing in 2021.

You can get started with video marketing on all major social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget YouTube, the world’s largest video search engine that can help you gain a lot of visibility and scope. Many free YouTube SEO tools can help you identify the right target keywords and improve your search engine ranking on YouTube.

2. Stories are underestimated:

Stories that were first popularized by Snapchat are growing in popularity, especially on Instagram. Unlike tweets, stories allow more contact with followers. Many interactive features such as voting, question boxes, countdown stickers, product stickers, etc. can be used in stories to improve interaction. You might be surprised to learn:

400 million people use Instagram Stories every day
Instagram stories take up more than 28 minutes to complete
1/3 Instagram users showed an interest in products through stories

Currently, business accounts generate more than a third of all stories. Many companies use the story feature to share short video ads and footage with their customers behind the scenes. Consider hiring a freelancer if you don’t have people who can create short video ads.

Stories can use various story functions to increase engagement between brands and social media users. You can try the Stories feature if you haven’t already.

3. The rise of social commerce:

Social commerce is also gaining popularity. Users are more active when shopping on social media sites because they can like, comment, and share content.

It is estimated that social commerce has become an important part of the consumer shopping experience:

84% of online shoppers look at the company’s social media account before making a purchase
30% of online shoppers buy directly on social media platforms
More than 50% of millennials shop through social media
The global social commerce market is projected to grow nearly a third by 2021, making it one of the fastest growing social marketing strategies that deserve your attention.

Instagram is a popular social media shopping site. In 2020, a shopping feature was added that allows users to visit a store directly from a company’s Instagram profile, feed, or stories. Visitors can browse items and check out directly from the app for a seamless shopping experience.

Facebook is another one to consider. It includes a marketplace feature that allows users to list and sell products. Small business Facebook shops similar to the Instagram shop have been launched. Facebook stores can be accessed through the company’s Facebook page, Instagram profile, stories and advertisements.

4. Chatbots take over customer service:

Chatbots are a milestone in the world of online customer service.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based online conversation system that supports customers and tourists (AI). It provides service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can answer simple questions without the need for human intervention! Statistics showed that:

Chatbot can save up to 30% on customer service operating costs.
There are currently 300,000 chatbots on Facebook and they are expected to increase in the coming years.

Aside from the many advantages of the chatbot, its functionality would most likely grow rapidly as AI technology advances.

Chatbots can be used to assist consumers on major social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Even if you don’t have a social commerce store, you can use chatbots to create a better customer experience by answering questions like hours of operation and other frequently asked questions.

5. Influencer Marketing will continue to grow:

Unsurprisingly, influencer marketing was and will be a great marketing technique. According to reports, 63 percent of marketers expect to increase their influencer marketing spend in 2021. Here are some 2021 patterns to watch out for:

First, micro-influencers with fewer than 25,000 followers have the highest engagement rate of 7% despite having fewer followers. This is because their followers consider them friends and word of mouth is more valuable to micro-influencers.

Second, consumer generated content will be most used in 2021. As users demand more personalized content, marketing that addresses users’ real problems can have a bigger impact. Using the Q&A feature on Instagram Stories to help influencers understand their followers’ questions is a great example. As a result, consumers will learn much more about the goods and are more likely to buy them.

Third, companies and influencers pursue long-term partnerships. Companies want to make sure their contracts with known influencers are being honored. In addition, repeated marketing of goods and services is more attractive to followers as it appears to be a sign of trustworthiness.

6. The prime of live streaming:

When most people think of live streaming, they think of games. Twitch hit 1,116 billion minutes and 6.9 million monthly streamers in 2020, up 69 percent and 90 percent from 2019 year over year.

However, live streaming is rapidly expanding into new markets, particularly “live shopping”. Live shopping, which combines social commerce and live streaming, is the latest online shopping trend. It will be a surprise to learn that live shopping reached $ 60 billion in global sales in 2019, and that number is expected to grow in the future.

Brands and designers can now sell items while broadcasting them live using Instagram Live Shopping. This feature is used by multiple brands to partner with influencers and developers to increase sales.

Amazon has launched “Amazon Live”, a service that allows vendors to advertise their goods by hosting live streams on the Amazon platform

Hopefully, this guide can help you prepare for any strategy you might be pursuing regarding social media marketing.


Ahmed Alomari


Ahmed Alomari is an American entrepreneur known as one of the most sought-after social media marketing and investment consultants in the online business world. The reason is simple, Ahmed produces results. Customers work with Ahmed because he is different from the “others”. Over the years, Mr. Alomari has been fortunate enough to build FOUR 7-digit online businesses from home while raising 6 children.

Also known as G Money on social media, Ahmed is known as a social media mastermind and has attracted millions of followers on social networks. In 2015, he built one of the largest influencer social media networks in the world and an Alexa Top 10,000 website that generated 45 million visits and 120 million page views per month. The company sold to Whip Networks in 2016 for an undisclosed amount. Ahmed built his 7-digit consulting company Anythings Possible. If you are an online business owner, Ahmed is an expert in helping you scale your business and get more customers.

Ahmed has worked closely with dozens of online celebrities, helping hundreds of clients achieve their business goals by selling multi-million dollar products and services.

Ahmed says, “I have helped countless entrepreneurs gain financial freedom through their businesses and investment strategies. As a former pizza delivery driver, I am humbled that in my first three years as an entrepreneur I went from $ 5 tips to $ 5 million in profits, and have grown exponentially since then. I’m the man behind G Money’s Facebook buzz and the viral sites that reach millions of viewers every day. My dreams have come true and now it is my dream to help others achieve the same success. When people work hard, intelligent and proper business planning intersects with “anything is possible”.

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