Legislation Agency website positioning Issues Now Extra Than Ever

The legal industry is one of the most competitive niches for search engine optimization (SEO).

Law firms face greater barriers to generating website traffic, according to a 2017 study by AccuRanker that examined over 300,000 SERPs across a wide range of industries. To overcome these obstacles, lawyers and law firms need to improve local search engine optimization and become more effective.

Improving search engine optimization means adjusting the company’s approach to local traffic generation. In order to attract local customers, SEO needs to target the potential users in the area. This is because most law firms operate locally in their county and state. To get more local traffic, search engine optimization needs to be sharpened to reduce competition compared to search engine optimization for national targeting. Using phrases like “Top San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney” is better than “Top Personal Injury Attorney”.

Local focus means that the law firm has the opportunity to attract the attention of potential clients looking for their services and located in the region of the law firm. Doing this through targeted search engine optimization makes the process one of the best lead acquisition strategies for your business.

Law firms benefit from SEO

In addition to increasing your company’s rankings, SEO draws more traffic to your website, which is likely to turn into active customers. There are other benefits to your law firm, including:

• Generate new traffic by posting high quality local content
• Drive more calls through Google Business and other local listings
• Cement your company as a reliable, reputable authority in the legal niche
• Convert new and existing website traffic into leads via forms and phone calls
• Rank higher than local competition
• Better clicks on the company’s website
• Get more positive customer reviews
• Attract more traffic and leads on the autopilot

To be at the top of the leaderboard

One of the most in-demand benefits of using SEO is ranking in the top 3 on Google. If your law firm isn’t in the top three, click-through rates on your website will drop dramatically. SEO optimizes the company’s website for the local target words to outperform the competition. You want to be on page 1 to draw more traffic.

The optimization applies not only to your website, but also to the company’s Google My Business profile. When a local user searches for a local criminal attorney or a San Diego auto accident attorney, the law firm’s Google My Business profile for these items will appear and the searcher can call using the number on your profile.

Content is king. This is a phrase that gets heard over and over again when it comes to SEO. It remains true to this day. Legal content doesn’t have to be boring. Use your law firm’s blog to provide valuable information to local readers, generate more traffic with keyword targeting, and then convert that traffic into leads.

If you are unsure of what type of SEO content would help attract local users, here are some ideas to consider:

• E-books
• Local event guides
• Frequently asked questions (these can be used for featured snippets)
• Checklists (e.g. what to do after a car accident)
• Instructions (e.g. registration of an employee compensation claim)
• Industry interviews
• Specific localized practice sites (e.g., a car accident attorney in San Diego)
• Complete guides on various legal topics (e.g. employee compensation, truck accidents, slips and falls, dog bites)

With all of the search engine optimization on your website for local customers, you have an obligation to collect positive reviews. Use these to build your company’s reputation. It shows that your law firm is trustworthy and provides quality legal services. Working with a reputable SEO agency can ensure that local traffic is arriving on your website. Remember to keep the SEO up to date. It’s not something that you just have to adjust and then forget.

Increasing access to your law firm’s website is half the business of growing your client base. The other half is converting those leads. Achieve this with call buttons, contact forms, and a streamlined web copy, as well as a compelling call-to-action. Like traffic, traffic is an investment in SEO in order to generate solid returns in the form of new customers.

SEO doesn’t just bring potential customers to your website. It increases visibility, enables your business to build beneficial potential partnerships, and can attract new and potentially higher paying customers. You may receive invitations to speak at various industry events and receive the name of your law firm in legal magazines and publications. Think big. Think of quality SEO.

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