Lightricks proclaims the Android model of the Videoleap video enhancing app

Jerusalem-based app development startup Lightricks launches the popular Videoleap app on Android today.

The new launch is part of Lightricks’ ongoing efforts to enable the creator economy.

“Our entire mission is to develop innovative tools and services that encourage creativity and fuel the economy of creators. With the launch of Videoleap on Android, we’re excited to see our new Android users indulge their expressiveness and bring their ideas to life, ”said Zeev Farbman, CEO and Co-Founder of Lightricks.

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Android represents a huge untapped market for video leaps

Videoleap is a powerful and popular tool for both professional developers and casual users – the service sees nearly 20 million videos each month shared on iOS alone. With Android users accounting for 70 percent of smartphone users worldwide, that number will skyrocket with the introduction of Videoleap for Android.

Lightricks, the creator of Videoleap, has been a mainstay of the iOS and Android app stores for years and produces popular apps such as Facetune2 and Beatleap. Its apps have received a lot of praise, including four Apple App Store Best Of Awards, two Google Play Best Of Awards, the Apple Design Award, and Apple’s App of the Year.

While Lightricks’ apps have always been popular, Videoleap has seen explosive growth over the past year with a huge 70 percent increase in iOS app downloads.

“We have seen a tremendous influx of paying iOS subscribers throughout the year and we are ready to step into a new space with Android users who we know offer the same cutting edge features as our Videoleap app, iOS users “Said Daniel Berkovitz, Lightricks Chief Product Officer.

Strengthening the creative economy

The pandemic and the resulting global bans likely did at least part of the rapid surge in Videoleap’s user base by giving people much more time to explore their creative sides. But Videoleap’s success has another reason: the continuing rise of the creator economy.

This segment, which includes everyone from mega influencers to casual content creators, has been growing for years. Recently, as the platforms keep evolving, more and more creators are realizing that they don’t need millions of followers to make a decent income. This demand has fueled the growth of apps like Videoleap, which offer powerful, professional-grade features at an affordable price.

“We’re here to give creators the tools, services, and connections to help them produce and publish their content more smoothly, and to build a solid creator economy that enables them to earn a respectable income,” said Farbman last month in an interview with Entrepreneur.

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Powerful tools for video marketers

Given the sheer number of Android users, this introduction is a great opportunity for more developers to get started with or expand on their existing tools. It’s also great news for marketing teams looking to get more video content.

Over 90 percent of marketers who use video say it plays an important role in their strategy, a number that is increasing every year. For marketing departments that haven’t invested heavily in video publishing, this release could be a turning point.

Examples of video marketing range from influencer outreach programs and affiliate marketing to direct brand campaigns, video podcasts, customer empowerment courses, and more.

The results are astounding: According to HubSpot and Wyzowl, 87 percent of video marketers report a positive ROI, 84 percent say it is an effective lead generation tool, and almost 80 percent say video has a direct and positive impact on sales.

Videoleap promises to make creating effective video marketing campaigns easier and more accessible than ever. Between the professional tools of the app and the power of smartphone cameras, marketers no longer have to invest in expensive dedicated video setups to produce impactful content.

Not just for professionals

For $ 7.99 per month, Videoleap users get access to features like green screen compositing, an intuitive and easy-to-use timeline, keyframe animations, and world-class special effects. Perhaps most importantly, these functions are grouped together in one easy-to-use interface.

You don’t have to be (or have the budget) to be a video production specialist to use Videoleap’s tools, which is important for casual artists looking to get in on the action.

While Lightricks is powered by a mission to empower the creator economy, it hasn’t forgotten casual users looking to express their creative side either. Whether users want to turn family vacation photos into video or play with powerful effects, transitions, filters, and stickers just to share with friends, Videoleap is one of the top options.

Tap into ongoing growth

As the creator economy and video marketing continue to grow, and more casual artists realize they don’t need millions of fans to make a decent living from their content, tools like Videoleap will continue to grow. It will be exciting to see the service expand into the Android market and users harness its power to create new and innovative content.

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