Look, Kim Dong Wook helps Search engine marketing Hyun Jin get again on his ft in a romantic teaser for brand new drama

tvN’s upcoming drama “You Are My Spring” (literal translation) has given a glimpse into the heartwarming bond between Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook!

“You Are My Spring” is a new love drama about a group of people who live in a building where a murder previously took place. Even though they are all full grown adults, they still walk through their lives with their seven year old selves in their hearts.

Seo Hyun Jin will star in the drama as Kang Da Jung, a hotel concierge manager who is moving into the building for a fresh start, while Kim Dong Wook stars as Joo Young Do, a talented psychiatrist, with others Helping her emotional wounds couldn’t heal his own.

In a newly released teaser for the upcoming drama, a melancholy Kang Da Jung looks lost while sitting alone – until Joo Young Do walks up to her. He takes her hand and helps her to get up again, while he comforts her soothingly: “You fell accidentally. Because you thought someone might be waiting, so you were in a hurry. “

Seo Hyun Jin then says off-screen: “A healing romance about child adults. ‘You are my spring.’ “

“You Are My Spring” premieres on July 5th at 9pm KST. In the meantime, check out the new teaser of the drama below!

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