Mango Animate introduces a device to transform textual content to video

The latest software from Mango Animate gives marketers the ability to create adorable copywriting videos.

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Hong Kong, China – (ReleaseWire) – 7/22/2021 – Video marketing has taken off in the last few years and has become the medium of choice when it comes to promoting any message, be it advertisements, notifications, announcements, business presentations, etc. People can more easily identify with video when there is text to confirm the meaning conveyed. Mango Animate has released a software tool that easily converts text to video.

The animated text generator comes with expertly designed typography templates that can be easily customized to be eye-catching for the text, font style, size, colors, logo animation, video duration, etc. The software comes with a built-in text-to-speech service that can convert text to video, with an enhancement option to choose a natural accent and control the audio of the video. This feature also generates subtitles for audio files that display voice text.

“In today’s world, you can only be successful if you keep up with the growing demands of customers and technology. With our new software for converting text to video, we want to achieve both. And the resulting project can easily be shared on websites or social media platforms that augment your content, “says Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate.

With a variety of motion typography formats to choose from, high quality text-to-speech service, royalty-free stickers, icons, video backgrounds, a range of animated cartoon characters, and more, the software enables users of all skill levels to get their projects done instantly. With the help of this text-to-video converter, it is no longer a problem to turn simple articles into attractive videos. And this software is good for all walks of life like teachers, marketers, etc.

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About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is an animation software developer who offers free animation products to produce amazing animation videos for various purposes, with paid packages for advanced features. Mango Animate ensures that its products are optimized in good time with the latest technology requirements, which leads to the processing of animated videos in high quality in the shortest possible time. The easy-to-use software has a user-friendly interface for all types of animated videos to support different ages and abilities.

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