Market on Entrance overcomes the pandemic underneath new possession

MISSOULA – Market On Front celebrates its two year anniversary under the new owner Dennis Round.

Throughout the pandemic, downtown business has continued to service while adapting to COVID-specific restrictions and procedures.

Round originally grew up in Florence and attended the University of Montana in 1989, where he met his wife Robin. Since taking over Market On Front, he has seen the Market become an integral part of the community and a local hotspot.

“Market on Front provides a great atmosphere for our customers to experience what Missoula, especially downtown, has to offer,” said Round.

Market on Front attracts many foreigners and tourists, in addition to local customers for their famous breakfast burritos and sandwiches.

One of the great things about the Market is its convenient location between East Front and South Pattee Streets in the heart of the downtown business district.

The service industry was hit particularly hard during the pandemic, where customer interaction was somewhat limited due to mask and distance requirements.

As a result, Round had to reorganize and readjust its processes, including scheduling, ordering and customer management.

The short-term decline in sales at Market on Front prompted Round to prioritize a new way of thinking “to be fluent”. [and be] able to adapt in next to no time. “

In October 2020, Market On Front had to close its doors for eight days after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

In response to employee loss of wages and tips during those eight days, Round set up an employee relief fund to minimize the impact of lost paid days.

For a day, Round donated a dollar for every burrito sold. On another day, 100% of all coffee sales went into the fund. In addition, a social media fundraiser generated donations from Tennessee.

As the pandemic subsides, Market On Front’s doors are open and normal business hours have resumed. However, Round has permanently adopted some of the hygiene practices to keep customers safe.

Looking ahead, Round hopes to “continue to offer great food with great customer service.”

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