Martech Firm Power Advertising and marketing to accumulate GS Advertising and marketing

Force Marketing, a high-growth marketing technology company that delivers a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to more than 950 auto dealers, has acquired the business of GS Marketing (GSM), a three-decade-old industry leader in the same category. The deal, which was completed on January 31, 2021, increases the total number of dealers served nationwide to more than 1,500.

Force Marketing saw significant growth through the development of technology-based marketing products and solutions that were designed to scale for large auto dealership groups, Tier II advertising associations, and OEMs. The entire company portfolio – including the WeDrive Automotive, Helix Technologies and DRIVE Video Technology brands – work together to provide customers with data-driven, intelligent technologies such as dynamic omni-channel video and audio streaming. With the acquisition of the GSM business, Force Marketing’s marketing functions for parts and service departments will be expanded to include Force Marketing’s existing portfolio of variable operational solutions for dealership sales.

John Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Force Marketing, is a 15-year-old automotive marketing leader who grew up in the industry and is known for his data-driven and innovative approach to business. He co-founded Force Marketing in 2006 as a family-owned digital marketing company aiming to disrupt automotive retail through the use of data, technology, and personalization to improve the consumer shopping experience. Today, Force Marketing serves four of the country’s top five automotive groups, including Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, Penske Automotive, Lithia Motors, Inc. and Sonic Automotive.

“For almost 30 years, GSM has been developing and delivering data-driven marketing strategies and creative services. We quickly saw how aligned both companies are in terms of purpose and expertise, ”says Fitzpatrick. “The acquisition not only adds complementary technology platforms and fixed-ops marketing solutions to our family of companies, it also enables us to focus more geographically in the Midwest and the western United States. GSM’s partnership expands our ability to serve merchants across the country and promotes our vision to transform the shopping experience from brand to consumer. “

Founded in 1988, GSM is a leader in omni-channel fixed operations marketing solutions designed to improve customer acquisition and retention for merchants. GSM President Shelley Washburn will stay in her role overseeing a smooth transition, followed by a controlled growth strategy with the Houston, Texas-based team. The company will continue to operate under the GSM brand and will continue to be headquartered in Houston. The company will offer the same solutions and customer service to its dealers and will soon offer an expanded suite of marketing solutions including direct, digital, social and streaming media as a result of the acquisition.

“Force Marketing and GSM together focus on innovation and customer service in the automotive industry, but bring different customers to the table,” says Washburn. “We have deep, long-term relationships with our customers, a dedicated team of professionals and strong expertise in fixed-ops marketing. Force has created a world-class omni-channel marketing platform. With this integration, GSM can offer merchants new front-to-back marketing solutions for the life cycle of consumers. GSM is over 30 years old and we are very excited about our future and the future of our employees and dealer partners. “

“We look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with Toyota in the Gulf States, one of the world’s largest distributors of Toyota vehicles and parts and one of GSM’s largest customers with 155 locations in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana”, says Washburn. “Gulf States Toyota, like all GSM customers, will be able to take full advantage of the additional marketing solutions that Force Marketing offers through this acquisition.”

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