Michael Cirillo shares advertising ideas and methods

FlexDealer’s Co-Founder and CEO Michael Cirillo recently had the opportunity to share some of his experimental “golden nuggets” with DigitalMarketing.org – a leading digital marketing authority with over 10 years of experience helping brands get their best Realizing potential through education, resources and support.

The latest article, How to Grow Your Show, features useful strategies from 22 celebrity developers on how to grow your audience across different content sharing platforms. Among the thought leaders at DigitalMarketing.org, Michael was one of the top three developers to share strategies that helped make his auto industry podcast, The Dealer Playbook, the world’s leading auto sales, dealer marketing, and leadership podcast. His top tip for an effective, inexpensive way to expand your show?

“Create high quality content that is around 30 to 45 minutes long. For example, a podcast episode that lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, or even an hour, is a good place to start. Then create written content from that audio content. Gather the information in show notes, a blog, some type of downloadable PDF, or any type of content users can get their hands on. Then go to Facebook and do a very inexpensive way of promoting that content so that you can get more exposure to yourself. “

He notes that the ultimate goal is to use quality content in a variety of ways. This helps save valuable resources by reducing the need for multiple pieces of content, increasing the consistency of your messages, and getting more views on different platforms.

Michael Cirillo helps business leaders get their message across and gain more authority with podcasts. He’s the creator of a pretty amazing podcast called “The Dealer Playbook” that he started about seven years ago. His podcast has now had around four million downloads and has helped him speak on stages around the world. “

– DigitalMarketing.org

Michael Cirillo is the co-founder and current CEO of FlexDealer – a creative digital marketing agency that has helped hundreds of businesses succeed through the use of creative content and marketing strategies. In his podcast, The Dealer Playbook, he explores what it takes to be successful in the automotive industry and has inspired live audiences around the world with his knowledge, expertise and passion.

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