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Video marketing has the potential for success, and there is no doubt about it. It is with content in video form that a company can have the highest user engagement, more than any other form. And today, thanks to smartphones and the internet, video content is more accessible than ever.

Humans are typically visual creatures, and moving images of any kind have a profound impact on us. This is why using video for your brand marketing is an approach that never fails. If you are leveraging the powers of this dynamic medium, explainer videos are a great place to start. They are an easy, effective way to capture the attention of your audience with a few minutes’ worth of content so that you can pitch a certain idea, product, or service.

Few reasons how animated explainer videos can help build your business, as explained by Michael Osland

  1. Grab the attention of your digital audience

Did you know that, on average, any person browsing the internet has an attention span of only eight seconds? It takes them only eight seconds before they move from one uninteresting website or webpage to another. So, you must be able to hold their attention for as long as you can, and explainer videos can help you do just that.

  • Effectively increase conversions

The ultimate goal of any marketing strategy is to increase conversions. An explainer video will be able to provide your target audience with the right type of insights, which, when combined with a captivating narrative, can easily motivate them to purchase your product or service. If you want more and more potential customers to know about your business and reach out to you, this is the best way.

  • Improve your Google rankings

Videos have a much higher chance of earning a Google rank than a webpage with simple plain text. Having an explainer video will easily push your brand up the ranks, thus providing it better visibility and enhanced access to your target market. Michael Osland explains that you can easily get a wider reach on the search engines with optimized videos for your business.

You can work with an explainer video production company to create custom content that suits your brand narrative. This can help you create unique content that your audience can associate only with your brand, whether that means using a certain color palette or relatable characters, or a personalized script.

Ready to take your business and your brand to the next level? You need the right explainer video company for that! Get in touch with experts. There are a number of video production companies that can help you create the perfect video to communicate the message or story of your brand or promote your products and services. Browse through their website to learn more about animated explainer video production. Call them and discuss the idea and how they can create such a video for your business.

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