Mind Coaching Seven Good Workout routines

In addition to getting enough sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet, it is also essential to exercise your brain regularly. That way, you stay mentally fit. Daily brain exercise also reduces the risk of brain disorders such as dementia. In this blog, we would like to tell you which brain exercises you can do to improve your memory.

One of the essential things in training the brain is breaking old behavior. For example, try something new by taking a different route during your daily walk or seeing if you can take up a new hobby. Little things like that keep you challenging your brain.

Here are some examples of activities you can do to break the routine:

1.  Learn to play an instrument

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano? You are never too old! In improving musical skills, the brain makes use of all parts involved in concentration. This way, your brain stays sharp. 

2.  Play a game

Strategic games are ideal for stimulating the brain in a fun way. Board games such as Memory, Rummikub, and Scrabble are suitable for short-term memory and concentration. Individual thinking games such as sudoku and crossword puzzles promote analytical insight. 

You can also install various brain teasers via your smartphone or tablet in which all cognitive functions are dealt with in turn, such as the MAX memory trainer app. With this app, you train your memory in an accessible way. The app contains, among other things, the search image, letter rain, and the shopping game. All exercises have been scientifically tested and contribute to better memory. 

3.  Go needlework

Knitting not only produces a beautiful scarf; seniors who do manual work are as much as 30 to 50% less likely to have a cognitive defect than seniors who do not. Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, or stitching thus ensure a healthy brain. Also, needlework is relaxing and relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

4.  Start with a (language) course.

The brain remains sharp and fit when you stimulate and challenge it regularly, for example, by learning a new language. By learning something new, the brain keeps making new connections and developing. 

5.  Read to someone

Read to your partner or (grand) child to train your brain. When reading aloud, multiple brain areas are put to work. The hippocampus, responsible for memory, also appears to be very active in transforming words into sounds.

6.  Do not use any aids

Do you use a shopping list as standard when doing groceries? Try this without it! For example, you may have to think carefully about what you needed again, but it is an excellent exercise to train the brain. The same goes for calculating that one sum; try it out by the heart. Are you planning a day trip to another city? Do not use your navigation and see if you know the way yourself. 

7.  Bring back memories

Think about your time in elementary school and your old classmates or that one vacation from 20 years ago. By doing this, you put your brain to work, and connections are made again. Slowly you will also find yourself remembering more and more.

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