“Mine” star Jung Yi Search engine marketing talks in regards to the “Parasite” scene the place individuals do not know she was

In an interview and a picture for Esquire magazine, Jung Yi Seo recently mentioned her supporting role in the award-winning film “Parasite”!

The aspiring actress recently starred in tvN’s hit drama “Mine” as Kim Yoo Yeon, the young maid who falls in love with chaebol heir Han Soo Hyuk (played by VIXX’s Cha Hak Yeon). However, unnoticed by many viewers, Jung Yi Seo made a brief appearance two years ago in an even more famous production – in “Parasite” she played the pizza shop owner who argues with the family of Kim Gi Taek (Song Kang Ho) at the beginning of the film.

“At first nobody seems to know about it,” said Jung Yi Seo. “Whenever I introduce myself on set and say that I was the pizza shop owner in Parasite, people say, ‘Really?’.”

Jung Yi Seo stated that she originally auditioned for the role of Park Dong Ik (Lee Sun Gyun) Da Hye’s daughter, who went to Jung Ji So instead.

“Back then I was just amazed and happy to audition for a film by director Bong Joon Ho at all,” recalls Jung Yi Seo. “Because back then it was difficult for me to even get the chance to audition for a role.

“I didn’t expect to get anything, and it was several months before I suddenly got a call from an employee. They said that maybe I could play the role of the pizza shop owner. Originally the character was supposed to be in their forties or fifties, but they had decided to bring their age down. I didn’t have the words and I couldn’t believe it. “

Jung Yi Seo added that she also made a second appearance in the film that many people don’t know about.

“Actually, most people don’t know, but I’ll appear again towards the end of the movie,” she said. “At first I was only supposed to appear at the beginning of the film because of the dispute over the pizza boxes, but they added another scene for my character. Do you know how Gi Taek’s (Song Kang Ho) family is evacuated to the gym because of the flood? If you look closely, the pizza shop owner is in an orange T-shirt in this scene. “

“It’s almost like a Find the Widden Objects game,” she added with a laugh. “[She’s there] because she lives in the same quarter. “

Looking back on her role in the film, Jung Yi Seo noted, “In a way, ‘Parasite’ was essentially my acting debut. After I appeared in ‘Parasite’ there were suddenly a lot more people who recognized me on the street than before. Sometimes people would even talk to me on the street and say, ‘Oh? It’s the owner of the pizza shop. ‘ At first I was amazed at this interest, but since I had never experienced it before, I felt a little scared and pressured over time. “

Laughing, she continued: “Fortunately, this is the time when people recognized me [from ‘Parasite’] didn’t last long. Nowadays I think there are a lot more people who recognize me as Yoo Yeon from ‘Mine’. “

Watch Jung Yi Seo in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed” with subtitles below!

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