Minn. State Senator Jeremy Miller and Spouse Begin Hat Firm to Assist These in Want | Native

“A lot of our friends, and even people we don’t know, just clung to the idea of ​​a mission behind it, and people can really be interested in it, especially because it’s about helping people in need,” Janel explained.

Sales have been doing well so far, according to Jeremy, with most of the communication about the company being through word of mouth. In the near future, however, the couple plan to step up their work promoting their business and mission.

Future goals for the company as it grows include making more designs, being able to customize their hats, and potentially expanding to more types of clothing.

But the couple’s focus can’t be solely on this business as they balance a busy life with their kids, Miller scrap, politics, and more.

When asked how all of her many adventures are possible, Jeremy said, “We’ll just do it.”

He said that having good teams and support systems help make everything possible, along with local partners, a local fulfillment center, and a website design company. The Millers hope to work with more local businesses and organizations in the future.

The couple have also readjusted their time together, instead focusing on Be Good Mission when they watched television or streaming services after their children went to bed.

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