Mix PR with search engine marketing to get extra traction for your enterprise – ideas from Ravinder Bharti

Digital marketing has been the order of the day for a number of years and is rapidly being adopted by organizations across the board. Today you have a digital alternative for almost every marketing technique, from advertising and in-person sales to public relations.

Ravinder Bharti, PR expert and founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, shows how important it is to combine digital PR and SEO. Years of experience in the industry have helped him recognize the dynamic change in marketing trends over time. He believes that an SEO firm that provides PR services (and vice versa) helps a brand establish complete dominance on the internet.

He says, “Billions of searches are performed on Google every day. This means that there are a billion chances of your brand becoming visible and reaching your target audience. However, simply climbing the search engine ladder is not enough to achieve the desired traction in an age of fierce competition. You need to establish an inherently positive public image to convey the essence of your brand and guide your prospects in the most organic way possible. “

Mr Bharti believes that the relationship between digital PR and SEO is symbiotic. You cannot excel in one and take the other for granted. If you are blogging to promote your brand and make your audience aware of the importance of your product / service, you need SEO to reach your target audience. He says, “If you didn’t make an effort to get your content on the first page of SERPs, this would be just another blog that’s just getting lost in the sea of ​​thousands of others. Likewise, the publication of online press releases has little to no meaning if they cannot be discovered by your audience and / or your media houses on the Internet. “

Additionally, Mr. Bharti believes that the right combination of digital PR and SEO is ideal for a brand’s credibility. Today the Internet audience has a multitude of alternatives at their fingertips. A brand will only stand out and stand out from the clutter if it appears high on the SERPs. “People automatically consider a brand credible if it’s the first name they see after doing a Google search,” he says.

Another important benefit of combining digital PR with SEO, as outlined by Mr Bharti, is that Google officially recognizes your company as a reliable source for the industry concerned. When you associate an online press release or PR article with your business, you give your audience easy access to your official website / web pages, which ultimately increases your website traffic and reach.

In addition, Google indexes companies and websites based on the links available on credible digital platforms. When you partner with big-name media houses and have your story covered by some of the world’s most renowned journalists, Google will trust your business and help you get the traction you want online.

About Ravinder Bharti

Ravinder Bharti is the founder and CEO of Public Media Solution, a digital marketing PR agency based in Pune, India. Mr. Bharti started out as a computer science engineer at an MNC and was impressed and intrigued by e-commerce. He changed his career path and eventually led him to entrepreneurship. Through Public Media Solution, Mr. Bharti provides PPC advertising services, seed funding services and business services to clients around the world.

Published on March 27, 2021

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