MMA: Search engine optimization Hee Ham sees “One-Shot-KO” in opposition to Zamboanga

Seo Hee Ham is looking forward to her first match at the ONE Women’s Atomweight World Grand Prix against the top contender of the ONE Championship, Denice Zamboanga.

In the first round of the Grand Prix, which takes place on September 3rd in the historic ONE: Empower, she meets Zamboanga.

“I didn’t want to play against a weak opponent. When I heard that the opponent was Denice, I was happy that I was up against a strong opponent who I could have a great match with, ”said Ham.

Although this will be the first time Ham has entered the circle, she knows what Zamboanga is bringing to the table.

“She seems to like cage rings, so my main training was defending against it and boxing,” said Ham. “I think she’s definitely very strong. She likes to make it difficult for her opponents in wrestling and likes to go down to the floor to hold them down. ”

“Also, she doesn’t use a knockout punch when she sees Denice hitting her opponents, but rather makes sure that she is not within range of the opponent to be hit. I’ve studied many things like that. Overall, I think I have to be careful. ”

While the South Korean is suspicious of Zamboanga’s abilities, she is certain that Filipina’s strengths are nothing new to her.

“In preparation for this game, I anticipated their takedown tactics and prepared a lot for them, so I think I won’t be an easy target,” said Ham.

“I’ve never been knocked down and given a flogging sentence to finish the game, so I doubt it will happen this time.

“No matter who my opponent is in a match, I never give up. The way I do whatever I have to do is seen as my strength in my opinion. ”

While she expects Zamboanga to storm her from the opening bell, she plans to take a step back and look for the shot that ends the night.

She is confident it will come.

“After the bell has rung for the first round, I’ll take my position at a distance from her, then assess my opponent and study her movements,” said Ham.

“Then I’ll move in for a one-shot knockout. I kept thinking and imagining that when I was preparing for the tournament. ”


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