Model company specializing in PR points presents new classes

Matter Communications, a brand elevation agency specializing in PR, creative services, digital marketing and strategy, announces its next live webinar from Open Door, “Messaging Purpose – How To Communicate Mission, Vision, CSR and ESG Initiatives”. This free webinar is the fourth in a series of informative, virtual sessions designed to educate entrepreneurs, executives, and marketing and communications managers on developing the PR strategies and tactics required to get results for their brands. The event will be broadcast live from Matter’s in-house video production studio on July 28 at 12:00 PM ET.

Matter Group Director Vanessa Boynton Taylor and Account Director and former journalist Claire Papanastasiou will discuss the nuances of communicating a brand’s purpose and values ​​at a time when a company’s ideals have never been more important. Viewers learn about media and stakeholder expectations, tone and timing so that brands can responsibly tell their own stories.

“Mission and vision-driven communication is a unique challenge for brands, regardless of size or uptime,” said Vanessa Boynton Taylor, group director at Matter. “While it is necessary to educate employees, partners, customers and the general public about the values ​​and initiatives that are central to your business, these messages need to be conveyed with humility, sincerity and a high level of social awareness. It’s a tough nut to crack! Our session will highlight some critical best practices. “

The Open Door program has hosted three current webinars – available upon request – on topics such as:

1. PR in the new normal – How communication has evolved in times of great change
2. PR for start-ups – how to secure your reach
3. The Art of Thought Leadership – How to create and present your brand’s POV

The next sessions, including next week’s event, will cover:

4. 07/28/2021: Messaging Purpose – How to communicate mission, vision, CSR and ESG initiatives
5. 08/25/2021: PR 101 for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (A / E / C)

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