Motionbox’s new video enhancing software improves CX

The pandemic has spurred a lot of innovation, including the way many companies create, edit, and use video. One company at the forefront of this innovation is Motionbox, which has just launched a new tool to aid remote collaborative video editing.

“Motionbox enables you to collaborate on videos with colleagues and friends, no matter where you are in the world. We identified a niche in the market for a full-featured video collaboration tool that would help creatives speed up their workflow in a meaningful way – so we made one. “

Peter Selmeczy, Marketing Director, Motionbox

Called “Canva for Video,” Motionbox enables users to collaborate remotely to edit video in real time. It has a positive impact on review and approval workflows, speeds up the collaborative editing process, and enables companies to achieve more, faster.

The timing of Motionbox’s release couldn’t be better. Biteable’s latest video usage survey found that 60% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, with 36% of marketers creating videos multiple times a week and 14% creating videos every day.

It’s not just marketers who use video on a massive scale, either. 32% of organizations report their sales teams use video, while 29% use it for administrative and operational messaging and 27% for staff messaging. Videos are also used for guidance purposes, product management news, customer support, and more.

And the more creative companies use video, the greater their need for a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool like Motionbox.

“Video is the future in many ways, but many companies are nervous to deal with it and fear that making video will be expensive and time-consuming. With Motionbox, we’re making video creation and collaboration much more accessible, while delivering a number of business benefits. “

Peter Selmeczy, Marketing Director, Motionbox

Motionbox offers a wide variety of templates, a music visualizer, podcast-to-video functionality, the ability to easily add subtitles and text, and the ability to trim audio, crop videos, change gifs, and more. In this way, it offers the ideal environment for dynamic, collaborative editing and increases the quality and efficiency of the video. It also cuts video production time by allowing companies to reduce the time it takes to export, send, and wait for feedback.

The fact that Motionbox can be used by people with or without video editing experience is a key point for widespread adoption. For many companies, the tool opens up the possibility for the first time to get in touch with customers, interested parties and employees via video.

“It’s the simplicity of Motionbox to use – as well as its many features – that really surprise people. This is video editing without limits, and yet you don’t need any experience to assert yourself in it. This type of video collaboration is still relatively new and we are pleased that Motionbox has set the standard with it. “

Peter Selmeczy, Marketing Director, Motionbox

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